Diablo 1 (or 2) pure legit fresh level 1 onward run anyone?

I’ve been having a bit of fun as of late. I’d like to have even more fun going on some teamspeak or what have you with a bunch of other people and sharing a good experience.

I prefer D1 since it’s easier to get a good game going fast whereas D2 is more lingering in progress and pace.
OTOH, D2 allows more people at once in a game whereas D1 cripples you to four max.

So…any takers?

Hm. If you’re suggesting doing a D2 closed-BNet fresh-start run, I’m in. Only problem is, I have you on ignore. Someone paraphrase?

Paraphrase: You get to play an old, but fun game with an old, cranky, not fun misanthrope.

Pff. I’m crazy fun when you’re playing with me instead of arguing semantics/political shit.

you heard it here first!

That sounds scummier than Craigslist personals.

You hurt my feelings. :(

I meant “skeezier” instead of “scummier.”

The graphics have aged to the point I can’t really play them any more.

I can play with the expansion but not the base game, for that reason.

I always enjoyed telling people I was legit while rocking my Dreamflange rings and Obsidian plate of the whale.

It’s quite demoralizing to one day use DiabloSight and find that the leader of the Legit guild you’re in is using hacked dupes.

If you’re going to do some Diablo 2 then I highly recommend Svens Glide Wrapper:
It will allow you to play in wonderful widescreen resolutions and you can even use it on Battlenet :)