Diablo 2: Maphack returns!

Not that I’m tempted to use it. The whining from the h@x0rs who can’t play the game without it sure was funny, though.


Not only is mousepad’s site down from the stress, but Battle.net itself seems to be crumbling from the demand that the usual gaggle of Battle.net morons logging on simultaneously to test it out are putting on it. I swear, the lag on USEast today was worse than it was when 1.10 was released.

With most of the qt3 group missing in action for the last few days, I’ve been doing some leveling in the public games, and man, I just don’t get these guys. Level 14 characters trying to leech levels off of your work in nightmare. Piles of drops that disappear the second they hit the ground, regardless of whether or not your character can use it. Guys who join your group and then instantly try to PK you the second you send them a tp. Incessant whining and begging. The guys who are just leeching levels are the ones who really bug me - I just don’t understand what they are “getting” out of the game at all, since all they do is hang back at the outskirts of the xp bubble. It seems like the vast majority of Battle.net doofs are basically guys who don’t even enjoy the core game.

Yeah, I don’t get it either. I don’t know any 8 year olds as dumb as those people.

Most everyone has had the time to see the core content many times over, so the only appealing aspects of the game ends up being to try new builds and find elusive gear. When this happens, the core content ends up getting in the way (act fucking 3) and hunting for those damned exits and WPs stops having a sense of exploration and becomes needlessly time-consuming. That’s where MapHack and rushing/leeching comes in. Just another way of sqeezing every last bit of playability you can get from the game, and it’s fine by me.

People usually don’t care about the leechers. They’re just an added body to drive up the XP monsters give. The general attitude is that everyone else has stuff to do in the current hotspot, and it’s just a real shame if that little level 12 melee char happens to bite it in act 4 NM. They’ll get a TP to their body when the rest of the party goes to town for whatever reason 15 minutes later and 4 screens from the spot of death.

I can’t even get the webpage to come up now. The people whining in the Maphack forum about having to pay for it are funny.

He’s charging for it? Jeez.

They’re all bored because nobody else is making such a game! Why isn’t someone going to make a good Diablo clone already? The game concept’s been around for how many years now?

People have tried (Dungeon Siege). They just stink at it.

Yeah, but it can’t be that hard to clone Diablo!? Just grab any random Roguelike and slap animated graphics on it! Maybe the problem is designers’ egos getting in the way and trying to improve things where no improvement is necessary…

I don’t think it is that easy - a game like Nethack has almost nothing in common with Diablo 2, although Diablo 2 is obviously heavily inpired by the former. What makes Diablo 2 so interesting is the richness of the character skill trees and how different skills play off one another - any character class has so many substantially different builds that in any other game they would actually be considered different classes. That’s why the synergy system of 1.10 is so compelling and warrants playing the game over again - it adds an additional layer of complexity and interaction into a skill system that is richer than any RPG on the market, and introduces it at almost the end of the game’s life, when most players can actually appreciate the different builds that are now possible. Because of the skill tree, Diablo 2 has more bang for the buck than any game I have ever played. But I think the Diablo 2 skill system would be an incredibly difficult thing for any company to successfully emulate… after all, Diablo 2 was three years in the making, and three years later Blizzard is still perfecting it. Certainly no Rogue-like I’ve ever played even comes close to the rewards of character generation present in Diablo 2.


I thought this would be a good place to make my first post. It seems there are quite a few D2 fans around here, and I’m wondering if anyone has heard whether Blizzard intends to make a D3. I’m pretty sure they will, but then I always thought Interplay would make a Fallout 3, so unless I hear something official, I tend not to get my hopes up.



I’m laughing on the inside. The outside finds it to be pretty funny too.

Despite how simple Diablo and D2 are, apparently Blizzard is the only group to be capable of going at it without completely fucking it up. Most people seem to have willingly blocked out the memory of it, but there was a slight jab at taking some of Diablo’s fanbase with DarkStone, Revenant, and to a lesser extent Nox. All failed miserably at trying to have a style as immersive as Diablo. Darkstone even tried doing the 3d thing, with AI party members, but just had nothing. Of course, Diablo 2 came along and also failed to have a style as immersive as Diablo, but hey.

M0usepad has officially become a twat now, with the selling of MapHack. There’s just all kinds of wrong with that, from the absurd price to the ethics (or lack thereof) of making money off something that is, for all intents and purposes, a cheat.

Or, to rephrase the question – is Blizzard going to pass up the opportunity to gross half a billion dollars by not making D3?

I only played the single-player version of Diablo II, so I don’t know about the culture and complexity of the Battle.net scene. Could someone give me a quick breakdown of the types of griefers or metagamers playing there? What’s a leecher, for instance? Someone who hangs back and just collects treasure from fallen monsters? What does the maphack do? I’m just curious.

Playing enough d2 will lead you to the realization that the only really good loot is found in Hell difficulty. Some people take their new characters and get them rushed all the way to the end of hell difficulty before they ever even hit level 5.

Then they spend a few days hanging out in big XP games (cows, bloody foothills) until their character is a suitable level.

this is also a favored tactic when testing a new character build… say you want to try out a new type of funky paladin, but you don’t care about its viability prior to level 50… get a rush, leech for a while.

previous maphacks have given the player the ability to see the entire level map without exploring, as well as any players visible on the map. rumored additional features included being able to see where any characters or monsters are on the map, as well as being able to inspect a player’s inventory without permission.

Stroker’s rumored features are true. It’d say it sidles right up to the line of cheating but doesn’t go over; all it does is “speed up” Baal runs. Which might be cheating on further inspection, but you could really get the same effect by reverse engineering the random map generator and using that as a manual reference.

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Everything you need to know about Battle.net’s culture and complexity right there. I have screenshots of conversations that would make you cry.

A leecher is someone who can’t or won’t pull his weight in the group. A level 15 char in a level 60 area would be a leecher by default. A level 60 char in the same area would also be a leecher if he didn’t at least attempt to help with the offensive. Leeching is lessened in 1.10 since now you have to be within 2 screens to share XP from kills.

Someone who just grabs items is a looter. Looters are leechers a lot of the time. A person who helps with the battle AND grabs every item that drops, however, is a grabby bitch and is perfectly normal for any non-passworded game.

PKers are what we call those who are stupid enough to hit the hostile button and run for 5 minutes trying to find your group, only to realize far too late that 7 players and a Chaos Sanctuary full of Oblivion Knights is not a situation that is in his favor. Either that, or people who are lame enough to take a level 78 char to pick on those 30+ levels below him. Many other varieties of PK sunshine include or have included using exploits to crash your D2 while they kill your immobile avatar, and people deliberately hunting hardcore(1 death only) chars. Truly the outlaws of their generation.

Griefers are what we call people who unaware of the squelch button and the willingness of others to press it.

I’d normally be virulently against any sort of cheats, but really, the first time through Act III made me look for hacks. I didn’t play D2 that much online (it was a really busy period at the time), so I can’t comment on any social effects this has, but until Blizzard makes the jungle suck less, I’m not going to condemn anyone for acting like an 8 year old.

I’d love to see a greatest hits post. I’ve seen some funny ones, but haven’t preserved them for posterity.

I’d love to see a greatest hits post. I’ve seen some funny ones, but haven’t preserved them for posterity.[/quote]

I’ve preserved one. This appeared as I entered a game.