Diablo 2: Resurrected will test your resolve to boycott Blizzard

There is with a controller. On mine it’s press right stick. Unfortunately I don’t see an inventory sorter for keyboard users.

Yes from what I’ve seen (I didn’t buy the remaster) they deliberately didn’t add most QoL stuff to mouse+keyboard. If you want those changes you’re forced to use a controller.

This is one of the reasons why I didn’t buy it. I know I would be constantly annoyed.

FWIW I just played with a controller and it’s pretty awesome. Having six abilities mapped to buttons, and D-pad for the potion/belt stuff is super smooth, and it feels good to walk around with the analog stick. So if it also features an auto-sort, and since I kind of want to cross-play this on Switch and/or PS5, I think I may keep doing controller on PC.

Also nice, if you just start using mouse/keyboard, it transitions over to that control scheme automatically, so for lots of inventory stuff (like Hordic Cube I imagine) you can have both worlds.

I honestly think it was the slow walking speed in the open beta that really turned me off. Is the base movement speed the same for all classes?

I just picked this up because I can’t resist Diablo 2.
I’m bitter about spending 40 bucks for a 20 year old game though - damn you Blizz ;)

It looks gorgeous but seems a little buggy. I played for about 5 mins before I had my first crash. Still, I’m excited to be sucked back into Diablo. Listening to the music again gave me chills.

You press R or hold down CTRL to run. Running speed is fairly quick. I assume you’re talking about the walking speed?
EDIT: Duh - that would be why you said “walking speed” in your comment. Sorry - it’s been a long day :D

playing this with a controller never occurred to me. I’m very tempted…

What a strange choice/oversight.

Definitely a choice. They wanted to change D2 gameplay as little as possible. Since the original game didn’t support a controller, they were willing to bend there, but not with mouse+keyboard.

Switching between old/new graphics is weird. I remember Diablo 2 looking like the new graphics. As in I “remember” Diablo 2 in high definition. There is this weird disconnect in my brain when I switch to the old style :)


I mentioned this elsewhere, but don’t forget back in the day you were probably on a display where 800x600 looked totally fine and so when the expansion came out and gave us that option, it looked so much better than launch Diablo 2 pre-expansion. Now, of course, you are (I assume) on a 1080p, 1440p, or even a 4K display and when you toggle over it’s not like the game auto-sizes to a nice 800x600 window, it’s probably full screen and all the jaggies.

I played this last probably 5 years ago in an 800x600 window, which was a PITA to set up iirc, but it looked pretty darn good - when played in a window.

Twelve… left trigger is a shift button. :)

It’s all pretty slick on controller really. Lets you quickly sell, equip, drop, move to/from stash, sort any inventory, auto-populate the potion belt. And the cool feel of controlling your character directly and firing off skills with buttons.

I guess they wanted the mouse/keys to be more ‘traditional’. I don’t think I could go back to the traditional archaic scheme where keybinds select a skill without firing them off!

Is this not an issue? It made me think I should get it on PC.

There’s just one massive exception: you cannot manually aim certain abilities. Fire Blast, one of the Assassin’s best starter abilities, can only be thrown at enemies’ current locations, which you pick by gesturing your joystick toward it.

But because Fire Blast gets tossed in a high arc, it usually needs to be aimed elsewhere, in order to lead moving targets. This is impossible for gamepad players, since D2R doesn’t include any “manual ability aiming” options for gamepads.

It was mentioned upthread and I guess it is, but not something I’ve come across yet. Do other console reviews mention it?

I still don’t think I could go back to the old mouse/keys system, so instead I’ll probably just avoid those skills or live with it I suppose. :P

But PC may be a good idea, at least there you have the choice of control methods!

That’s what I do in Grim Dawn too. Most abilities work fine with the controller. If I run into that don’t work well with the controller, I just avoid them.

Yep, and I have no aspersions towards top-tier min-max hardcore-hell play here, just out for a bit of ARPG fun for a while. :)

Exactly. Playing with a controller is more fun, therefore, that part becomes a given, and everything else can be adapted from there.

I didn’t realize there was a version that also includes diablo 3. I always wanted to rebuy for the console but it’s rarely on sale. For 60 getting both games and the expansions seems like a pretty good deal to me. I watched some gameplay and remembered why I liked the old one so much. The sound. It’s so good. Downloading it now. :)

Diablo 3 will be our co-op tv game. Diablo 2 will be my chill on my own game.

Not having couch co op on this is really disappointing for the console release.

Ya it is a bummer for sure. I played a bit so far and I think it’s definitely worth the 40 bucks. Online isn’t really working keep on getting booted but that will get sorted out. Runs really well on the series s in performance mode and playing with a gamepad is way more fun than keyboard and mouse. I never liked keyboard and mouse with these kind of games.