Diablo 2: Resurrected will test your resolve to boycott Blizzard

Yeah, we can just agree to disagree on Blizzard’s actions without making it personal.

Jeez Louise find another hill to die on, one that really matters

Please stop pretending that supporting shitty companies doesn’t have consequences. Also, I’m capable of dying on plenty of hills, so don’t worry about me.

While I certainly dislike their political behavior of late, the fact is that the server nonsense killed Blizzard for me long before. The day I went to play Diablo 3 and was placed in a90 minute queue because there was a new WoW expansion is the day I stopped dealing with them. Everything since has just validated that decision over and over.

I don’t think anyone is pretending that. I think the decision whether or not to boycott Blizzard (I decided to boycott them after Blitzchung, FWIW) remains within the realm of things people can disagree on without insulting each other.

If the issue is just that they make shitty games, again, one can agree to disagree civilly.

If it wasn’t for the Blitzchung boycott I would probably check this out. It looks like they’re avoiding a lot of the mistakes they made with Warcraft 3 Reforged, probably because they fired the team that made that and replaced them with Vicarious Visions.

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If you’re going to shit up the thread can you do us a solid and shit it up behind a collapsible spoiler so the rest of us can actually use it?

Also this

is not the issue. They were active participants. But not the thread to relitigate.

Nice video by GameSpot with some comparisons of old and new.

Wasn’t D2 very limited in it’s armor/weapon’s graphic sets? Was there any word if they improved that?

It’s all relative. I was impressed at the time because they had waaaaaay more graphic sets for the look of the characters than the first Diablo. Was it more limited compared to a 3D MMO like Everquest? Yeah, probably, bit I wasn’t going to play it to find out.

That video is interesting. The only real reason D2 Classic looks dated is the lack of frames in the animations, and not really the graphics themselves. With so many pixel-style games around, it really still fits right in.

Even if they didn’t add new sets, it can’t be any worse than D3 with weapon graphics that never changed. As much as I liked the game, I hated that. I like when I get a great new weapon and the graphics reflect it.

Almost every body piece had a distinct appearance, though many were slight varients.

This thread is ostensibly as much about the boycott as the game, so I don’t see how this in any way constitutes “shitting up the thread”

It shouldn’t be. Create a P&R thread if you guys want to talk about it. Let us talk about the game.

I didn’t make the thread title (I don’t disagree with you, but the title of the thread invites discussion, doesn’t it?)

It is a very clever but unfortunate thread title, indeed.

Uh… I got some ‘splainin’ to do…

Sigh. Changed.

I should have known we couldn’t leave the P&R totally out of it. Keep it to the game, please.

He’s referring to the wall of text, presumably.