Diablo 2: Resurrected will test your resolve to boycott Blizzard

Yeah, merc AI ain’t the best. If you move far enough away she’ll teleport to you and that should restart her AI.

Any teleport skill instaports your minions to your same destination, btw. Sometimes a useful thing to know.

Btw, I tested Leap Attack yesterday on the controller. It’s not good. Basically how you target enemies right now by facing them, that’s how leap attack is targetted. So it’s not a good skill to get you out of any situation like it is with the mouse. I forgot the excellent term Adam used upthread, escape skill? It’s not a good escape skill with the controller.

Now I’m really curious how they implemented Teleport on the controller. The same useless way as Leap Attack?


The funny thing, of course, is that Grim Dawn did it about as correctly as you can, years ago. But then everything about GD’s controller interface is better than D2R’s, so big shock I guess.

My mercs haven’t met a fire or poison cloud that they didn’t want to run through at least once, even if it’s in a wildly out of the way spot.

The ranged mercs have exceptionally stupid AI. That alone is enough to make the melee mercs better, but then there are so many additional reasons the melee mercs are better on top of that, heh.

Heh, yeah, my Amazon did the Tower last night, and Countess’ opening move was to put a firewall down, and my rogue merc stood in the firewall the whole time (and died, of course), leaving me without a companion through the whole battle.

Yep, tried repairing the install, upgrading graphics drivers (980ti), running lower settings, reboot entirely before playing, etc. Hidden among all the server whining on the forums are a subset of people who also get pretty consistent crashes. Seems like it’s an all or nothing thing with this game.

My favorite was when I stopped for a moment to take a few bites of food in a lull and observed my idiot merc just stand half a screen away, idling all while some skeleton wandered from another direction off screen and started pelting me with arrows until my character died. Merc did not move at all from that spot.

Are you getting crashes with offline characters as well?

I’ve exclusively been playing offline.

Weird. The only thing I’ll add is: are you using some kind of overlay program like Geforce Experience? If so, close that. In fact, try closing all extraneous programs just to rule out any kind of software conflict. Mouse software, etc…

And to add to this, anti-virus or other similar types of third party programs can also cause applications to crash.

They say it’s partly because more people are trying to sign on than ever did for classic Diablo 2. Well duh, you guys got rid of the option for LAN play, so of course they are. Back in the day I knew a LOT of Diablo 2 players, and none of them played on Battlenet. But now there’s no other choice if you want to play multiplayer eventually with any of the characters.

Everybody I know played on closed Battle.net, because open and LAN games were full of cheaters and dupes.

Same same.

Also, really Blizzard, your servers are more jacked than they were during the D2 heyday? Dubious. I mean, maybe, but press X to doubt and all that.

None of the people I knew played with strangers, so I don’t think anyone was afraid of cheaters and dupes amongst people they knew.

Practices like creating new game lobbies to farm certain fights weren’t as prominent during the game’s original release


Yeah run1 - run10 certainly was not done at all back in the day /s

Maybe there’s a greater portion of the player population doing that now? More “casual” back in the day with only a subset really doing the constant remakes?

When this was released, the internet was still for geeks, now 1 billion angry birds players are probably playing this.