Diablo 2: Resurrected will test your resolve to boycott Blizzard

So you’re saying there’s a chance.

Well sure! Bunches of people have gotten to 99. But they’re either using bots or playing the game in a manner that is, to put it lightly, not exactly achievable or enjoyable for your average player.

You need to imagine me making this face.


When you said each death loses thousands of hours worth of work!

Well a thousand Baal runs, I wouldn’t say a thousand hours of work. But yeah it’s brutal. And I should mention that all of that is with perfect builds and top level gear, which in and of itself is very difficult to acquire!

Double ewwwww! I guess you are supposed to kill everything in one hit. I got so excited I completely overlooked that. It still might work (only 25% chance to make the monster flee) but from my experience fleeing monsters are the worst.

Just got home and there’s a new patch!

Updating really slowly on the original Xbox One.

Patch notes are not very descriptive once again.

I saw that. I think the PC patch is later on. Is it really 20GB? I read that somewhere.

This game is such a black hole for eating up time. I have at least one of every class, and 2 sorcs, palies, and assassins. The loot chase in this is just so good, I’m not sure it’s ever been done better. I love that getting upgrades in this game can be really impactful, and I think it’s a mistake a lot of game designers make…there are so many games that are afraid to overpower the character, and dole out 5% increases that don’t even register.

I love that D2 isn’t afraid to destroy you, but also not afraid to make you completely OP.

My plan to stick with two, and only two, characters has fallen to barbarian and amazon. I need an intervention. :P

I wouldn’t worry about this. Unlike Diablo 3, the game does not begin at max level. (which in D3 takes like, only a few hours of grind as you level at light speed)

So I’m doing the /players4. I don’t really understand the difference between 8 and 4 for an offline game. Any help here?

I felt that it was an alright remaster just like their SC1 remaster was.

Scales monster HP (and XP and loot drops – quantity, not quality), but not linearly.

Speaking of melee sorc viability, I felt I’d be amiss if I didn’t post this classic. I remember reading it at my first tech jobs


Did you end up using the mousewheel to scroll through right-click skills? Or are you trying the controller?

Does Blizzard care about bots these days? My brother had a bot that would farm Baal all day. He liked tinkering with it, but I don’t think he ever manually played the game after he set it up. If you’re just using it in solo rooms, it’s probably fine? Seemed like the best way to play the game, tbh.

If Irene the Infirm can kill Andariel then any build is possible in Diablo 2!

Straight up, my guy. As long as you don’t hit cold-enchanted bosses :)

My barbarian got a Horadric Cube last night. Thank god. It’s so nice to be able to compress and upgrade gems and Runes and get the shared inventory back to a level where it doesn’t feel like it’s bursting at the seams.

I also found this list when I googled best hardcore builds:

  1. Trap Assassin (Trapsin)
  2. Bone Spear Necromancer
  3. Whirlwind Barbarian
  4. Blizzard Sorceress (BlizzSorc)
  5. Werebear Fireclaw Druid
  6. Concentrate Barbarian
  7. Blessed Hammer Paladin (Hammerdin)

I’m already doing the Trap Assassin and Concentrate Barbarian. And I was thinking of doing a Hammerdin and BlizzSorc anyway. I’m really surprised to see Whirlwind Barbarian on the list, I always thought that would be the most dangerous Barbarian for hardcore, because if you had iron maiden cast on you, you can die before you stop whirling, right?

I’m kind of curious to try the Werebear Fireclaw Druid and Bonespear Necro, I’ve never had those builds. I’m not surprised not to see a single Amazon build on that list. Amazons are really bad at hardcore!

Werebear is super safe - the roar or whatever stun thing is badass. Also giant health pool, obviously.