Diablo 2: Resurrected will test your resolve to boycott Blizzard

I’d be scared to know the number of Meph runs I’ve done over the course of my time with this game. Nice drops!

Same. I think I might like doing MF runs more than actually playing through the game.

Latest patch adds quickcasting via hotkey on mouse+keyboard! Huge improvement. Previously playing on gamepad was just plain better. Now, more comparable.

My resistance to buying this remake is fading rapidly.

  • Players now have a “Game Difficulty Scale” available in the options menu for offline games, which provides the same function as the /players debug command

Oooooooh, if they’re putting it in the menu, I think this now has a chance to make it into the console version of the game too! Sweeeeet.

In other news: Fuck the Maggot Lair.

Which character?

All of them but especially hammerdin.

There are a lot of places in D2 where the world builders were on a different planet than the character and skills designers. ML probably being the worst.

Maggot Lair can be a nightmare, but I’m glad it’s there. Why not have a close-quarter area that brings certain builds to the brink of failure? If the game were nothing but open fields, I’d find it kind of boring.

There are plenty of builds that can handle it just fine. Most melee builds, for instance. Most sorceress builds, even. Hammerdins and summoners, though? Yeesh.

Though even then, your summoner should have corpse explosion, and CE can absolutely lay waste to mobs in the maggot lair.

In related news, an Assassin’s traps are considered summons, so with the new patch her traps will follow her around when they get too far away. I expect another patch to be released soon to fix that…

They could have very easily fixed necro summons, by making them not have collision with each other, problem solved. Having a class that can have 30+ summons up, all with collision, and then designing spaces that are one character wide is just bad game design, nothing more. Having varied spaces is fine, but not if it directly conflicts with character design, so one of the two needs to change, I’d vote for the collision change, which would eliminate a ton of problems with that spec in general.

D2 is a great game, but there are quite a few things that were poorly thought out or implemented.

I ran through it on a Summoner Necro and it was pure agony. Hammerdin is probably worse though since at least once I could get corpse explosion going I could make a little headway. But good god that place was why when I played with my friends back in the day we always had a cold sorc lying around in case we needed to rush a character through to Baal.

Cain: Stay a while and listen.
Me: Uh, sorry dude, just identify these things. I have a portal waiting.

My Hammerdin has been languishing at Hell difficulty Act II for an age. But good news, I just found an amulet of Teleportation! (Sure, I could find a public game and get rushed but Fuck Public Games.)

This is the way. Good luck.

I’m really liking the ability to bind a key directly to a skill. Now I’ve got teleport on mouse 5, static field on mouse 4, and open town portal on ctrl. I can see this being really helpful for the necromancer as well so he doesn’t have to switch between summoning, curses, and corpse explosion.

I think I’ll play around with macros for my barbarian to see if I can cast all my buffs with one button press now.

Well I decided to start a new Hardcore character, my first since my level 70 something Smiter died in Act 3 Hell back in the day.

I decided to go with a fanaticism / zeal Paladin this time around since I’ve never made one and I wanted something sturdy that could still pack a nice punch.

So we’ll see how long EvanderHolyZeal lasts (wanted EvanderHolyShield but it’s beyond the character limit).

Very nice.

TLDR: No nerfs, but they will try to buff weaker builds. Throwing Barbarians, Melee Amazons, Fire spell Druids, etc. And since everyone always uses the Act 2 Mercenaries, they will buff the other 3 mercs. They will also introduce ladder play and introduce new Rune Words in those, which will eventually make their way into non-Ladder play when the season is over.

Sounds great to me. It always felt like the game needed more balancing to buff some builds, and theoretically, we are finally getting it.

They need to add easy-ish to build runewords for lower level/solo characters. Right now you pretty much have to start with a sorc to grind magic find and slowly get stuff for other chars.

Nice. For some builds I want to have a ranged merc. But they can die fast in later acts.

'Tis the spirit of Christmas, y’all!