Diablo 2 v 1.10 is here!


I’m gonna be on USEast as *strokrace, and then there’s *drcrypt.

I suggest ladder games named qt3 with a pass of qt3.

W00t! I’ll look for you on US East.


  • Alan ‘Itsatrap’ Au

I’ll probably reinstall D2 and LoD tonight and join up. I’ll post my name here when I do.

We should probably come up with a standard qt3 game name and password that we can just look for and see who’s there. Like maybe “qt3 normal” “qt3 nightmare” and “qt3 hell” for game names, and always a password of “fjord”. Just a thought.

Now the question is…what class to play?

There’s one obvious problem with the qt3 gamename:

If none of you are online, I’m not going to solo in the qt3 game while waiting. I’ll just go join someone else’s game so I can group up for the fun / benefits.

We should really just use the friends list as much as possible, and then from there I guess the qt3 gamename is good enough (barring the introduction of a chat/voice network for us all to meet on).

honestly, i’d love some d2 teamvoice action.

I’m in.

Do I need LOD to play with you guys?

i’m guessing so, Jazar.

Thievery alert:

Anyone who hasn’t bought D2 and is thinkign about it, battle.net only checks for your D2LOD cd when you have LOD installed.

Sooo… theoretically you and a friend could share a diablo2 install as long as you had unique D2LOD cds/cdkeys.

The game only checks for the LOD CD, but when you go online, the game checks for both keys…


Game name: QT3
Password: QT3

AlanAu and I have been playing for the last hour or so, if you want to come in.

dammit! i dont get off work for another 2 hours!

What if my brother has the LOD CD? Could I just use his while he’s not playing?

Well great… just fucking great. Looks like I lost the CD keys for D2 and LOD. Does anyone here know what my options are. I’d rather not shell out cash for these games again. Could I send Blizzard my CDs and get a new set of keys in return??

Wohooo! What an excellent birthday present. Thanks Blizzard! :D

What’s with the Diablo 2 revival? What makes this new patch so great?

I’m asking because if it’s cool I’ll reinstall and play with my bad ass barbarian.

Oops. Maybe I should have looked a little further down the forum.

Hmm, they seem to have dropped the new account-stash, idea, where you could trade items between your own characters via en extra per account stash. Too bad, that would’ve been really convenient.

damn it’s time to dig through my crap and find the goddamned cd key…

:x :x :x

wow, never heard that one. would’ve been AWESOME tho.

Well, Alan and I beat Act 1 this evening, and it was a hell of a lot of fun: lots of monsters in new places you don’t expect. Leveling is slower and the difficulty of monsters appears to be ramping up by your level. Drops seem to be a bit better too: after four hours of play, I have a stash overloading with dropped rares, a couple set pieces and one unique. Which, by the way, is just dying to be given away to any new ladder characters on US East. Drop me a PM if you’re interested in getting a few decent pieces of equipment for a brand new ladder character and I’ll try to meet you online to set it up.


I just made a guy on US West. I thought most of us were on west coast, or closest to it.

I’ll go make one on US East I guess…

Okay, now my account name is “JasonCross” on US East (everything else was taken).

Character is a Paladin, Jeisyn (aren’t I the creative one! But at least people will know who I am easily)

My account name is adivad. I’ll be playing a necro called ezriser.


P.S. Blizzard, it was about freakin’ time.