Diablo 2 v 1.10 is here!

I made dude(ette) on US East and was playing with Lokust and Jason. Great fun :). Can’t decide what to be tho…

I have a game running right now
Game: Lok
Pass: Lok

for some reason I couldn’t get the qt3/qt3 game we had running to end and all of the lowbie stuff was dead - so if you’re tryin to play now, join the above.

I’m gonna startup a game now, called Qt3 pw Qt3 on USEast. I’ll keep it running for awhile, if you’re interested My account name is DrCrypt, so message me if you see I’m on but the game isn’t up.

Funny, I can’t find it

Rodge, I’m creating one now.

cooooool :D

Any QT3 guys playing on the Europe BNET? Or alternatively, how bad is the lag when playing on USEast from Europe?

No idea from Europe, but from Australia the lag is fine

I don’t know about playing from europe, but the lag is bad on US east, even when you live in the eastern US.


And God bless the lag fairies

I haven’t had a problem playing on USEast, and I think I’ve put in like 10 hours of play since the patch came out. I’m in Ireland on DSL and even when the servers were being hammered by the patch request, it wasn’t too bad. I’d say give it a shot, if you’re not on a modem - I think it is probably the best place for everyone to meet and play, as a halfway point. Plus, there’s the benefit that Alan and I have been hooking up newbie Qt3ers left right and center with rare swags.

I played a bit on the ladder last night, just enought to win the first quest of act one. Corpsefire (the superunique lameo zombie in the Den of Evil) dropped a set shield, Hsaru’s Iron Fist! Strange, I thought the ladder environment would be more stingy with the loot.

I think they actually changed the game to be less stingy with dropping items, as they made the game a tad more difficult, and lessened people’s chances of reaching higher levels.

At least, that was my experience with the beta. I haven’t played much of the final release to be able to tell any difference.

If you read the patches readme files, I believe they say drops have been improved in many cases except for exploited magic find run monsters (pindleskin, mephesto, etc).


Wack. I thought the selling point of playing on the ladder was, in Blizzard’s terms “Play in a whole new realm without running into players with high-powered equipment!”

Altho I guess that statement and more loot dropping aren’t exactly exclusive ideas.

They are referring to players with duped/hacked items and people twinking their new characters.


twinking is half the fun :) get to act 3, get the special flail, and instead of using it, pass it to a lowbie. Then just join someone who has their own flail and have them smash the orb to let you into mephisto’s lair.

you can solo thru the whole first 3+ acts with that flail no matter what character because the item has no requirements. It makes it a lot easier to build certain templates where you don’t really get a good offensive skill until level 24 or so. Then again, the way skills tend to boost other skills now, that may not be necesary.

just had a fun time playing with crypt, quatoria, and others :D

quatoria seemed a bit miffed by my frenetic-i’m-bored playing style, so maybe i’ll need to think of something slower than an assassin to play.

I’ll join y’all eventually, assuming I find my D2 CD’s. Have my LoD, but not the base game.

Oh well.

Yeah, we had a good session tonight - I keep on meaning only to fall into the game for an hour or so, and next thing I know, five hours have passed. Anyway, we’re twinking any and all Qt3ers who show up… Rodge got a unique club off me and everyone who joins is generally at least getting a rare or two and some gem socketed stuff. Oh, and not only is quatoria bossy, but he’s hogging like four rare katars. Anyway, there’s a good stable of QT3 ladder characters around from levels 1-22 right now, so if you’re putting off, wait no longer.