Diablo 3: The Hardcore Lounge

Dude, I am 100% addicted to that teleport punch. First skill you get, and I could never replace it! I find it so useful, it’s almost disappointing.

I’m with you… being able to blink all over and rack up big scores on how many I can kill without stopping is addictive. But I just know I’m going to be doing it one day, see one more something at the edge of the screen, and port over to keep that chain going one monster longer and then suddenly realized I ported at half health into an elite monster and his pack of champion helpers and my escape cooldowns are down. At least it will be a glorious death! :)

That teleport punch will quickly get you into trouble against poison-spewing trees or molten creatures. You don’t immediately recognize the trade-off in using it.

I’ve lost I think three HC characters around 10-12. My current one is a 21 Wizard (I also have an 11 WD, a 10 Barb, and a 9 DH). It’s so much more engrossing on HC, but yeah, you can get offed by so many things. Usually, for me, it’s groups of mobs combined with restrictive geography, plus AoE/stuns.

Hit 21 tonight. Absolutely love the cleave rune that gives increased fury for hitting multiple targets. Not sure how I feel about whirlwind yet.

I’m playing a Monk on HC, and in addition I’m not using the AH - can trade with a bunch of other people who are doing the same, but there’s no dashing off to the Auction House to get a high DPS weapon or whatever.

Strangely enough, so far (he just finished Act 2) the experience seems identical to the non-HC version - I just dash off into groups of mobs, whirl around a bit, and the mobs die. In Normal you don’t ever find a champion or elite pack that’s terribly hard; the times I’ve died in regular Normal have been when I’ve way overextended, and pulled multiple difficult packs at once. So as long as I don’t go charging off to the edge of the screen or pull multiple champion packs, the Monk just chews through stuff.

I haven’t found any spectacular loot (seems like every other yellow piece of loot I find is a boot, and they’re all roughly the same!) but the stuff I’ve found is definitely usable, and playing HC give that extra thrill now and then. I’ve also taken advantage of the Blacksmith, and am keeping him up to date to fill in those holes in my gear.

So HC is definitely fun. Definitely have to be careful when it gets late and I get tired and/or distracted by the TV. That’s a dangerous combo.

Whirlwind was my favorite ability to use as a fury dump. If you are using a mighty weapon, and you have a +life on hit stat, you can whirlwind almost indefinitely in large groups.

Why a mighty weapon? (confused)

With the Weapons Master passive, a Mighty Weapon gives you 3 Fury per hit, presumably.

Ahhhh. Thanks for clarifying. That’s pretty sweet!

Tip if you want to live with a wizard; don’t use damage spells that require you to stay in place. When it comes to dealing damage Hydra is your lord and savior.

Lost my 25 monk today to a computer crash. I was doing absolutely fine in act 3 – found some great gems, was having a lot of fun with loot, was just polishing up a mob when my computer locked up. I frantically rebooted and logged back on, but nope, dude was dead.

What makes me angry is if this asinine always-on system didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have lost my character. If I was playing multiplayer, I wouldn’t have lost my character. The only reason that my nine hours of work is down the drain is because I was playing solo with a system that punishes solo players.

I feel like ragequitting this fricking game. If I had died because of something I did, I’d feel a lot better about it, but this… not like this…

Just had my first hardcore death: MagicLady, my level 9 wizard, roaming the Fields of Misery (the first area after killing the Skeleton King). I had a elite bull trying to ram me and some champion goatmen on my tail, as I tried to zig and zag and lay down spells, I also had a wood wraith chasing me. I managed to kill some of the elite bull’s minions, but eventually the bull managed to connect with one his charges, I couldn’t outrun them, I couldn’t town portal, my health potion was currently on cooldown, as was my frost nova, so I bit it. It was a pretty desperate battle there for about 60 seconds, and I had a sinking feeling the whole time.

That was my first experience playing as a wizard. They’re pretty fragile early on, aren’t they? Plus their spells don’t do all that much damage in the beginning either. Maybe I shouldn’t have given up on the shield I’d been using up to the Skeleton King. When he died, he dropped a round ball thing that I could hold in my off-hand, and I was trying that out when I died. Oh well, it doesn’t hurt when it’s this soon. But I have learned some more about Wizards.

Why that makes perfect sense! I’ll give it a try.

Sorry for your losses, guys. Especially the lock up death. As for wizards- Up till now I have used at least half of my skill slots on defense. Make of that what you will!

I am about to face belial. I am running disintegrate, magic missile, diamond skin, teleport, hydra, and the personal explosion spell. However, in accordance with the above I may switch out disintegrate. But with what…?

I wouldn’t run disintegrate. Frost Ray with damage rune if you’re high enough level.

Or if you’re going to use arcade hydra, use arcane channeled missiles with arcane damage debuff rune.

Just lost my level 35 hardcore monk to an arcane/freezing elite spider.
The fucker froze me and then arcane beamed me to death.
I could only look on in mute, disbelief as I frantically pushed the ‘drink potion’ key.

Oh well, time to switch to my level 25 wizard! :)

I have been playing hardcore mode practically every day with a friend of mine, and man is it fun. I recently tried some softcore characters again to hang out with other friends, but I just cannot go back, the thrill of battle is completely nonexistent there.

My friend and I lost our first two characters to Act II in Normal mode, but since then we have consistently been able to make it to Act I in Nightmare mode. However, that is an entirely new beast that continues to obliterate us each and every time. Last night, we ran into a random group of three champion bosses with vortex and those little freezing ice mines. That was a horrific fight, but I loved every minute of it, even though it now means starting new characters.

Hardcore really is interesting. It seems like such a pain to have to keep restarting characters and losing what seems to be some very decent gear, but the intensity of the fights is what makes it all worthwhile. I simply cannot get enough of it. Last night was probably the most intense yet, as we were overwhelmed in Nightmare mode (just before the Drowned Temple) by various minibosses and constantly near death. It wasn’t until it was over that I realized I forgot to breathe during the entire fight.

My biggest tip so far is to always travel with a (very trusted) friend. It really does make hardcore mode even more interesting and entertaining.

4man Qt3/BF co-op was definitely a thing, and very fun.

Yeah, that was good times. Me, AaronS, Lizard King and Skorin made up a 4-person group. And when LK lost his Wizard he just rolled another and tagged along until he was high enough level to contribute. 4-man is the way to roll for sure, if you can manage it.

Wizard + Evocation means so much CC on the Butcher. Between his self-stun, my Frost Nova, and Slow Time, we hardly needed the Clobber rune on Bash! :)