Diablo Deuce 1.10 Final - Hello, Blizzard?

The good news is that, according to this post, the new patch is coming “soon”. Of course, it has been coming soon since before May so this is probably concilliatory PR babble. But whomever-this- Blizzard-guy-with-the-avatar-of-an-orc-humping-a-warthog-is said something in that post about having “enough new content for half an expansion”. Does anyone know what this means? Are there any new quests or enemies or classes or anything? Also, how will this effect Tom Chick’s run for governor of California if the patch is released before the election?

I think the new content is mainly just more items and completely reworking the skill trees. That’s nothing to sneeze at, to be sure, but hardly half an expansion pack.

My guess is you’d get a good look at what 1.10 will be like by downloading the beta. I installed it one night while I was bored, but I held off actually playing. I’m not going to dive in until it’s enabled on battle.net so I can start a ladder character.

Have any of California’s other gubernatorial candidates addressed the Diablo 1.10 patch issue? I know Arnold is pretty coy about his stand on a lot of issues, but surely Bustamante or McClintock have addressed this.


GFraizer (ages ago better known as Shlonglor) does mostly site design/maintenance and watches the forums. The b.net forums are like… hmm… Tribalwar. If a dev posts something there, he’d better have the goods to back it up :P

A good 20% of the population is on the ballot, statistically that should include a portion of Blizzard’s staff. I’m sure they’ve worked the patch into their platforms.

Brad (who almost misspelled ballot as ballet)

Yeah, the beta has a lot of enhancements to the main game. Many skills are tweeked, especially for druids and other “underpowered” classes. I actually find druid fun now, since the elemental spells work and do damage for a change.

I have had NO problems with the beta patch so far. However, I think there is save corruption, or risk of it.

I haven’t had any problems with the patches, 1.10 or 1.10s. Except for that one bit where the 1.10s patch backed up my 1.10 characters into the 1.09 save folder.

I wasn’t too happy about that after just doing a Select All copy and overwriting the character I had been working on. And lost all the items. Since then I’ve pretty much cooled on playing it, there are other things worth my time more right now.

I’m pretty sure the Diablo 2 patch is imminent. The beta has been withdrawn and there is an upcoming Blizzard event called the “Rust Storm” which is going to destroy all duped and faked items on all the servers. That’s obviously ramp up to implementation, so maybe this would be the venue to start taking names for some QT3 1.10 Ladder games? Regardless, I’m definitely in.

Haha, “Rust Storm.” That rules.

I’ve played this soooooo much that nothing short of Diablo 3 will ever get me to play it again… I still have carpal tunnel problems, man! (Can’t let that interfere with my tennis playing, you know.)

great, another item wipe that will probably destroy a bunch of legitimate stuff too. The one thing that finally got me to give up D2 was having 3 hard to find uniques wiped out that way.

If we start getting games going, I’ll reinstall D2 and LOD. It’s always fun for some mindless slaughter, especially with friends. Hell, I’d be willing to do it tonight.

Going on what now, 18 months for skill fixes that the game desperately needed since the expansion came out? That’s some dandy game support right there.

I’d still reinstall it, if there were a need for a necro in the group.

I’ll be happy to jump in when the new patch is out. The item wipe doesn’t bother me in the slightest, as I never collected anything worthwhile to begin with. Besides which I suspect those old-timers with rare stuff have already gotten their playtime out of the game. I suppose Blizzard might still attempt to placate them by making allowing them to keep those characters/equipment as non-ladder enabled variants or somesuch. shrug

  • Alan

Heh, weren’t we all talking about grouping up and getting some characters going for 1.10 way back in, oh, May? My, how the time flies. And still, no patch.

I actually bought D2 for that eventuality.
Still have it…

I got all the way through to Act 5 with a new necro last May.

Again, if this thing ever happens, I’m up for some online slaughter. Now that I have broadband (woot! I know I’m late to the party, but hey, I’m at the party) I don’t mind having myself connected to battle.net for hours.

I’ll make a dude and play if we get a QT3 thing going online :).

Are we contemplating picking a server and playing on Battle.net Realms? Are we gonna go hardcore or regular? (I vote regular - hardcore is for crazy people).


Yeah, I only want to go regular. I’ve only beaten the game once in single player, and never played multiplayer at all, so I don’t think I’m going to be a great candidate for hardcore mode. However, I only want to play Ladder characters. The economy will be pure for a while since Ladder characters can’t interact with the normal characters and the season will switch over every three months or so, with old ladder characters becoming normals. No twinking and no turboing sound like a fun way to play, although there are already guys trying to figure out how to makle level 99 within 48 hours of the beta going live.

I don’t think we’ll see anyone reaching lvl 99 in the first week. I played a lot of D2 between LoD and the last ladder reset (two years ago I think) and it’s true that it took less than 48 hours to reach lvl 99 even though they didn’t use the cow level at all. Here’s the story: Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Builds, Guides, and News - Diablo 2 Resurrected - Icy Veins . But I played the beta and looked at the exp table and I think it will be impossible this time. Originally they had increased the exp penalties so much that it looked like it might be impossible to reach 99 at all.

Don’t underestimate a dedicated team of D2 players. It wouldn’t surprise me if they found a way to lvl 99 pretty quick.