Diablo Deuce 1.10 Final - Hello, Blizzard?

In case anyone’s interested in playing pre-1.10 (sounds like Quatoria was, at any rate), I have a level 14 barbarian on USEast called EdgarJPenumbria. Account name’s DrCrypt, natch.

i play as *strokrace on USEast on a daily basis. I’ve got a level 80 MFing barb and stuff…

Well, all the realms are now offline. This is either the rust storm or the patch or both. Warm up your Diablo 2 install cds!

1.10 is now live!

don’t think we’ll see anyone reaching lvl 99 in the first week.

A little more than twelve hours after the patch went live, I have already seen a level 98 sorceress on ladder games.

If you read any of the stories after the last ladder reset, you would realize that some diablo II players are very serious about getting to lvl 99. They have strategies and work in teams. In other words, people with lots of free time :D


Where did you see the lvl 98? On USEast the highest character is a lvl 77 necro as of this morning. Are you sure you didn’t see a 1.09 character?


I’m in USEast, in game qt3/qt3 right now. Dean just left, but he’ll be back. I’m a level 2 assassin, name of Lycata. Account name Quatoria.

Hm. I don’t think that’s true. The fastest recorded level 99 took something like 28 hours, I think… A 12 hour 98 on 1.10 (which make it supposedly harder to level) would be absurd.

I might be wrong… can Ladder characters enter chat with non Ladder?