Diablo II: Let's set up a set & unique bank!

If Crypt won’t do it, I’ll make the mules. I figure that we should save every single unique and set item we come across; complete ones in the various D2 markets quite well. Then we can distribute the loot!


Edit: Oh, and for those not aware, there’s some really good cube recipes.


Edit: Holy crap, I got an Ali Baba tonight!


I’ve got a Humongous (unique axe) on my mule.


Mulecrypt is already functioning somewhat under this capactiy, with quite a few partial sets (Arctic, Clegaw, Angelic) strapped to his beefy torso. Problem is, I’m running out of room, so I may set up another mule just to deal with set items. If you want, I can do this tonight if you have anything to drop to me.

Oh yeah, since I’m not leveling Mulecrypt, if anyone wanted to give me a horadric cube, that would be great for storage.

I’d also like to put out a request, if I may: Fal + Ohm + Um! I need them to make the Chaos claw… and, trust me, I desperately need a better weapon. If anyone sees any of these runes, could I please have them? I’ll trade with whatever I can.

I think you can pretty much forget about Fal+Ohm+Um. It would probably take at least a hundred hours of playing to find them all. Fal and Um is not that hard, but Ohm will take a long time to find. Your best chance would probably be to play a lot of characters to act4 hell and always destroy Mephistos soulstone. Um is a pretty good rune in itself also, because you will really need resistances in hell. The ghost-like monsters that become transparent and shoot lightning can easily wipe out entire parties. They are even dangerous in nightmare.

Ladder characters can get the higher level runes with the Cube. Still need to harvest tons of lower level runes and gems to go all the way up to Ohm, but at least it’s a bit more guaranteed way.

2 Vex Runes + 1 Emerald = Ohm Rune

Sure, but harvesting “tons” of lower level runes is probably not faster. The highest level rune I’ve found is Ko, and that was from the nightmare soulstone quest. You need 3492 Kos to create one Ohm. The highest rune I’ve found outside of that quest is Thul. You need 22,497,669 Thuls to create one Ohm. I haven’t played for a hundred hours, but I do have a lvl 80 necromancer.

I’m probably permanantly switching over to hardcore starting today, so I’ll try and find one of you guys and hand off the couple set items/uniques my druid has picked up.

I’ll probably be playing amazon basin games, since y’all are too spineless for hardcore.

Ok, update: I’ll mule when Crypt isn’t on.

Last night while you were picking up the Ali Baba, I picked up a Swordback Hold Shield (http://www.diabloii.net/items/uniques/armor-shields.shtml) and a Nokozan Relic (http://www.diabloii.net/items/uniques/armor-amulets.shtml).

I was also getting my ass kicked repeatedly by Duriel in Act 2 while all you guys were whacking your way through Act 5. It’s kind of a bummer, having missed the majority of playing over the weekend, that I’m now ~10 levels below you guys.

Hardcore would piss me off way too much to play. In Nightmare, I find myself in a lot of situations where I can’t avoid dying. TP’s not working in the middle of a battle, being cornered by summons, etc. I suppose that’s part of the strategy, but I’m now level 52, and suddenly having that work disappear would really piss me off.

Set items on Cryptmule:

Arctic Horn
Arctic Binding
Arcanna’s Deathwand
Catharn’s Rule
Clegan’s Pincers
Clegan’s Tooth
Sander’s Superstition
Angelic Halo
Berzerker’s Headgear

Uniques on Cryptmule:

Khalim’s Will
Tannar Gorerod
Swordback Hold

Re: assassin weapons.

You’d be surprised how much fun wielding a great big maul is. You charge up using your very fast claws, then switch weapons for the finishing move. My old assassin was using the Immortal King’s Stone Crusher for this and bosses like Hell Diablo went down in no time at all.

Re: high-level runes.

Farm the Countess. Since 1.10 she always drops at least one rune, and frequently three. Hell Countess can drop all the way to Lo, apparently, though Gul, Vex, Ohm and Lo are very rare. Still, 8 Ists makes an Ohm, and a good character might be able to clear the Tower in 3-5 minutes.

Of the sets, I have:

Berzerker’s Hatchet
Angelic Sickle
Cathan’s Seal

I think I’ve still got Clegan’s Claw, which will complete Clegan’s Brace. I’ll try to drop it by tonight and you can complete that set. Or you could give it to me, since I’ve got a Zealot Paladin going. :D

Have you had any luck with finding high level runes from the countess yourself? I haven’t tried any farming but the odds doesn’t look promising. The probability for an Ohm (per drop) is 0.00004685% and Ist is 0.01496170%. I suspect that you would get mostly El-Thul, and those won’t help you much with Ohm. There might be other factors that increase the above probabilities though.

I haven’t gotten far enough to encounter Hell Countess (not in 1.10 ladder anyway) but I’ve done fifteen runs on NM Countess just now. Among lower runes, she dropped 3 Hels, a Dol and 2 Shaels. Pretty good for NM I suppose. I’m sure I could build a nice collection of mid-level runes farming her full-time… or moving on to Hell :)

The probabilities you’re quoting might be from 1.09?

No, the numbers come from 1.10, but there are apparently unknown modifiers to the base value. Hel is supposed to be 0.31018717% in nightmare and I guess fifteen runs means at most 100 drops.

It doesn’t matter so much as long as you are consistently getting runes. You can use 3 of the lower runes to make one of the next hight like gems. After a certain point you only need 2, but you also need a gem. it might take a while, but its not impossible to get the higher runes. I’d kill for a shael right now though, to make my normal unique sparking mail into the exceptional version…


Somehow I ended with both my and Breezyro’s uniques and sets, so I created yet another mule, “Mulesakko”.

Milabrega’s Orb - Shield
Cleglaw’s Claw - Shield
Tancred’s Crowbill - Pick axe

Bloodthief - Brandistock

Captain’s Grand Charm - +1 Paladin Offensive Auras
Bramble Heap Rune Bow - +1 Amazon Skills; 22-52 Damage; +106 AR

My account name is Rusakko. Send me a tell if you want anything (or if you want anything back, breezyro).


Current items on my mules:

Rares and Uniques

Viper Eye Amulet
Brainhew Axe
Swordback Hold Shield (2)
Deathspade Axe
Tanner Gorerod Spear
Doomsaw Sabre
Blastbark Bow
Patriarch Sword
Duskdeep Helm
Humongous Axe
Skullgrip Gauntlets
Venmomward Breastplate
The Dragon Chang Spear
Ghoul Stalker Boots
Crushflange Mace
Carrion Carapace Armor


Sander’s Superstition
Angelic Halo (2)
Arcanna’s Deathwand
Cathan’s Seal
Cathan’s Rule
Clegaw’s Tooth (2)
Clegaw’s Pincers
Berzerker’s Headgear
Arctic Horn
Arctic Binding
Angelic Sickle
Sander’s Taboo
Isenhart’s Parry
Iratha’s Coil
Sigon’s Sabat

Looks like QT3 has a complete Clegaw’s set for a low level character, if anyone’s interested. Actually, let me know if anyone is into any of these… I’d love to start giving some of this away.

Oh, I know what you’re saying… but if you do play hardcore for a while it becomes impossible to go back.

If you do, softcore is snoozefest, everyone is all twinked out, there’s no tension in big battles (they often, in fact, involve a “strategy” of repeatedly dying). In hardcore, the game has an exciting element right from the start. The journey is more fun than the destination (loaded level 80+ whatever) anyway.

You sort of have to think of it like nethack, you’re 52nd level ghost is a badge of honor, not something to be sad about. “Your deeds will be remembered”.

I also always have two characters running, handing down stuff for the other as I find it, so I’m not completely lost when my main character dies.

Not for everyone, for sure, but a lore more fun than you might think.

I have a couple of Set items I can give away:

  • Arctic Furs (Quilted Armor)
  • Hsarus’ Iron Heel (Chain Boots)