Diablo II - QT3mule cleanup

I know most of the QT3ers have moved on from the 1.10 patch on Diablo II, but we still have the QT3mule account stocked with goodies. So stocked in fact that a little weeding out is in order. Unless someone else has an issue, I will be selling some items off the mules. There are several rares that were probably OK when the mules were new, but have been surpassed by numerous higher quality items.

I’ll be whittling down the mules (that sounded gruesome) beginning tonight after 8:00 PM CST.

Let me know if you have any problems with this course of action.


Hey, I’m still playing.

I haven’t seen anyone else except you the last couple of times I was on. I finished Nightmare last night, but I think I’m going to do some Baal and Mephisto runs before tackling Hell. I’m about level 64, and someone on here said they won’t go to hell unless they’re at least level 78.

I haven’t been able to mule things lately because I’m the only one on, so there’s no way to establish the mule game without my nightmare game going poof. When the ground is littered with loot that I have no room to store how do you get stuff over to the mules?

When I mule, I start a normal game so the mules will be able to get in the game. I wait in the game with on character for 5 minutes as that is the time it takes for the game to not be deleted by b.net. I then enter and exit the games as needed with the mules and my characters without any problems.

I just finished nightmare at level 58. I think 78 is a bit high for Hell. I will probably just start working my way through Hell as I can. We should try teaming to make better progress.


I’m all for teaming up. It’s looking like the next time I’ll be playing is Thursday night.

Here’s my specific problem with muling-- I play my regular NM game, accumulating a pile of rare or unique items on the ground around my stash. I want to quit, and no one else has shown up.

If I quit my NM game and open a mule game, the NM game will only last for 5 minutes, exactly the amount of time it takes to establish the mule game. At that point, anything lying on the ground in NM disappears along with my game, so I can’t get an established mule game without losing all the loot in the NM game. Basically without someone else to hold one or the other game open, I can’t transfer loot from my regular game to a mule game.

Am I wrong on how long the NM game will persist? Heck, I’ve quit out of games that have been going for awhile (>1 hour), reboot, and come back to find the game gone. I don’t think it took me over 5 minutes to reboot.

I’ve been involved with KOTOR lately, but I should be playing some more D2 on my laptop over the holidays, Dean. I’d love to team up with you then… we’ll both be similar level, finally. :)