Diablo III is no longer better on the PC

Title Diablo III is no longer better on the PC
Author Tom Chick
Posted in News
When October 7, 2014

All you snooty PC gamers have recently had cause to claim that Diablo III is superior on the PC because the latest patch gave you cool stuff not in the console version. "We get treasure vaults," you crowed. "And legendary gems. And greater rifts..

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Get well soon Tom!

Wooohoo! Although I'm still too scared because of that damn insatiable Terror Demon...always jumping me when I am at my weakest...it haunts my dreams!

Tom, the console version of d3 is NOT the best. So there.

Would Blizzard ever add controller support to the PC version of the game, or would that introduce too many balancing issues?

As a (mostly) PC gamer, I think you guys had it better on console before you had the patches because a) you get local co-op and b) controller support. I'm sorry but I just cannot stand the typical ARPG mouse and keyboard controls. The first time I played Torchlight 2 (my first foray into the genre) I just balked and asked if there was another control system. There wasn't, and woe was me. "But that's how they've always been played!" I don't care, it's horrible. Playing the console version of Diablo III felt so much better on pad, like I was in control again instead of just holding a carrot with my pointer for my character to clumsily follow around.

And you're still consolebabby gutterscum and your entire family would look better staked on a pike and flayed alive while being raped to death.

Purely hypothetical of course. By the way, I highly recommend a bath full of bleach and ammonia. Just think about how worthless you are as a human being, and breathe deep of the fumes.

That might be part of the problem. But controller support on the PC would add too many interface issues. The interface on the console versions for inventory, skills, and so forth is very different and, frankly, inferior to the PC version in a lot of ways.

Diablo 3 is still a shameful display of Blizzards corporate greed. Shameful because an Indie developer managed to produce a game with 10% of the budget and produced a game that is truly the spiritual successor to Diablo 2; something which D3 is not and will never be. The game I'm referring to is, ofcourse, Path of Exile.

you diablo III haters hate a good game just shut up