Diablo III


...Because real men use Roman numerals! ;)

Diablo 3 Beta Opinions
All good demons go to... um... sequel? - Diablo 3 Announced
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Here’s a pity-post for your thread.


No, he’s right, Blizzard calls it III and SO SHOULD WE GODDAMMIT


Cool story, bro.


Either of these alternates is far better than what came before them.


Yes, but apparently the other thread is on FIRE!


I vote for this thread because the Romans built lots of stuff.


Is this a new Kinect game or something?


I think I would like this if it was a first person shooter. Is it a first person shooter? I like first person shooters.


It’s like Ebay.


Meh, it would just be Diablo II with guns.


Did I mention I’m in the beta and playing this RIGHT NOW.



OK so Hans, since this thread MUST WIN the Diablo III thread war for OBVIOUS REASONS, namely THIS:

Do you see a “3” there? I don’t. I see a BAD-ASS [B]III[/B]. (I also see an obsolete 2010, but no “3”.)

Anyway, I will ask you here, what character are you playing? Are you trying the Monk? Because I really really really really really really really really want to try the Monk, and anything anyone can tell me about the Monk will make me really really really really really really really really really really happy.


And then Adree went and posted this in the old busted thread:



So it does seem as though runestones will be unaligned (colorless) when you pick them up. You only learn their color once you slot them in a skill. So you put it in Magic Missile and you learn that it is red, so it’s now a Charged Blast runestone.

If that’s actually how it works, I think it would do a lot to promote experimentation. Players can’t choose to put red runestones in, say Meteor to make a Molten Impact, because that’s where the forums say its most efficient. They put a runestone in Meteor and hope it’s a Molten Impact. But maybe they get a Comet instead. So they can sell their Comet and buy a Molten Impact, but if the flavor-of-the-month build demands a Molten Impact, then there are going to be a lot under-priced Comets on the market, crying out for people to find ways to make them work.


I shall go forth and try the monk (I’m playing a Shaman…woman, because she can throw zombies and frogs at people).

But I’m probably not the right person to ask. I agree with everything Tom’s written on the front page with the added bonus, that I’m no Diablo fan and never finished the two first (or went online with them) and right now I find the game awfully pretty but rather boring…


I wasn’t aware that this game had gimp outfits.

Also, I’m calling end of February based on releases past.


Wait wait - you can sell skills in the AH? Not just items, but skills?

Can you have more than one version of a skill, in case you don’t want to sell your crap Comet but hang on to it for when Molten Impact gets the inevitable nerf?


Sobre diablo tres:

El concepto de naciones es monotonamente decreciente, como un pluma en el dorso de mi mano… llega un viento ficticio y se lo lleva. La gente se agarra con fuerza a identidades, como naufragos, y estas identidades pueden ser un idioma, o un señor del mal. Diablo es solamente eso, la tabla de salvamente de un grupo de criaturas malvadas desarraigadas, que han creido ver en el señor del mal un fuego alrededor del que colocar sus esperanzas, …que les alcance luz y calor. Pero como cualquiera que haya estado en un fuego de campamento sabe, un fuego te calienta la cara, pero te deja la espalda helada. La salvacion, si existe, es individual y solitaria, y sobretodo, lo que mas aterroriza a un helecho carnivoro, o a un esqueleto, o un golem de carne, es la soledad, buscar soluciones individuales. Esta es la verdad que aterroriza, que obliga a todas esas criaturas a seguir el Diablo.