Diablo III


As I mentioned a few posts back, if you’ve got the right gear setup, avarice (50M gold) is rather easy, but boon of the hoarder is probably required. I’ve got puzzle rings and others probably do too.


Pour one out for Stu the Hardcore Season 9 Crusader who finally died on a measly GR70 at Paragon 790 while farming for shards for a newly created alt. He had previously duo’d GR75’s and soloed GR74’s, so this should have been easy - if he hadn’t also been in a conference call while in the rift.


Oh no!


After glancing at the list I don’t think it counts in the vault.


It doesn’t, but you have to go to the vault to get boon of the hoarder (by killing Greed). Get that to level 50, add in a Cindercoat, a goldwrap, and a bunch of +'gold find. Then you just need enough damage and mobility to handle a T10 and move quickly between groups, and you should be able to complete avarice relatively easily. Cow level works quite well for this.


I’ve found Ruins of Corvus to be the easiest place to complete avarice, while wearing Boon of the Hoarder and Goldwrap. Run through the entire dungeon all the way till the end, and these little crabs will follow you. Then turn back around, there will be thousands of them, they die in one hit.


Yeah, I’ve heard about ruins of Corvus, but I like the cow level. It’s just a big open area with no doors or dead ends to worry about.


And I’m halfway through the section for the stash tab. I did end up doing the ruins level with my crusader on T10 with the boon gem at 50. I basically ran through with pony power to get the layout and open all the doors then went back to the beginning and killed my way through. Ended up with about a 67 million streak.

I think the real ones I’ll need a group for is likely the Leoric in 30 seconds and the 13 rift. That is tough stuff.


Haven’t tried Leoric, but going to need help with the T13 for sure.


I think I’m going to try Leoric today with my demon hunter. I have been playing around with a fun multishot UE setup, but I think my Marauder gear setup is slightly better quality and if I can set up 5 turrets before he activates I might have a chance to burn him down. Big maybe, but worth a try.

Unless I get some luck with upgrade drops I might have to end up trying to find a group. Tough when most of my friends are way behind me or don’t play heh.


My Demon Hunter is doing T6 GRifts fairly easily now but I can’t seem to progress much further without grinding my gems up really slowly. Is there a point in D3 where you are forced to group?


Not per se. Basically I’m just trying to finish up the season journey achievements to get the free stash tab and that last tier has some really tough ones. If not for that I’d feel no real need to group other than fun and better drops. I’ve done the majority of the journey solo. I took the free set for my monk, but at this point I have multiple complete sets for like four different classes and I’m having fun dinking with builds.

When I first logged in barely a month ago it’d been so long since I played that my regular characters still had rift stone fragments and actual potions in their inventories lol.

Edit - Success! My turret plan worked and I got Leoric dead fast enough solo. Yay!


Phew, that was rough but I finally managed to get some decent ancient drops and augmented several and was finally able to eek out the solo T13 rift in under 5 minutes solo. So now my conqueror journey is done and I have more loot space.

Feels good.






Damn, congrats. If you don’t mind, how many augments and what level? I’m currently sitting at 3x50 and 1x60, I think.


I’ll have to check, but I think it was about 3-4 pieces and I used level 50 gems on all of them. The funny thing is that two of those dropped last night after the game kept dropping other set pieces I didn’t need. I was getting the crap end of the rng stick for a good while.

Here, I found my profile - https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Becoming-1392/hero/85627686

After the chest, gloves and pants dropped last night I dug up the belt out of the stash and decided to use that too. I can’t tell if it shows augments on the profile because I’m on my phone at the moment.

Edit - checked in game and have 5 total ancients (including the belt) and had enough gems to augment 4 of them with level 50 so that added an extra 1,000 dex.


I am not sure how seriously I’ll be putting any effort in to the Guardian journey, but after finally getting an ancient weapon for my MS build I feel like the T13 rift in 4 minutes might be doable soon.

I’ve also been having fun mixing and matching sets of stuff for other classes. So far I’ve tried a weird strafe build with a mix of ancients and the Legacy of Nightmare rings. That can be very fast, but kind of weird and annoying that my strafe seems to cancel sometimes for no reason.

I also used a mix of Sages pieces and Tal Rasha for my wizard, and doing the crazy explosive blast thing zipping around crapping supernovas everywhere after killing an elite.

Mix of Innas and Raiment sets for punchy monk after getting real tired of babysitting sweeping wind stacks with no generator.

And I think I may goof with a mix of crusader stuff next. I’m having tons of fun messing around with class builds that are almost all new to me since I hadn’t played in so long and things had changed with various patches plus the cube being added.


Just a heads up, though it may not be a wide spread thing. I received an email purporting to be from Blizzard asking me to verify my authenticator serial and saying if I didn’t it would deauthorize my authenticator in 72 hours. Looking at the source but not opening the message, it ended up being from some Russian-looking name at a mail.com address, so, um, I 86’d it. Phishing I’m guessing so be on the lookout.


Season 10 info:

Among other things, seasons are coming to console versions of the game.

[Quote]Seasons Arrive on Console

If you’ve been waiting to experience a fresh start for your console characters, you’re in luck! For the first time, those who own the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game will be able to discover the fun of Seasons, including unique rewards and the Season Journey. We’ll have more details on the specific ins and outs of how Seasons work on console soon, so be sure to stay tuned![/quote]