Diablo III


Well, that’s the /thread.


My humble contribution to maximize the horribleness:

I Would D(iabl)o Anything IV Baal





Hoping TurboHUD is included by default this time round.


Can I attach multiple Blizzard accounts to a single authenticator?

If not, can I have the second account ping my cell via SMS instead?



“We’re announcing that we have an announcement coming up, eventually.”

Thanks, guys.


As almost the last thing on the Blizzard launcher I care to play any amount of anymore is Diablo 3, I’m interested.

I’d be even more interested if it didn’t take years to reach its potential after launch. So I guess wake me up if it’s any good.


Multiple projects means more than one, so my guess:

  1. Diablo III for the Switch.
  2. Diablo III - new character class, to be released as $15 expansion for other platforms, included in Switch version.


I was thinking of picking this up on the Xbox since everyone seems to think it is far better with a controller (but it’s still $60, w/expansion), and then I cane here and see your post. If you’re right, which I bet you are, I should wait. Would love it on the Switch, it could be the ultimate Switch game for me (outside of Grim Dawn being ported).


I’m gonna go with D3 new class, and D2 remaster.


The big reveal will be D4!

…and I don’t want to hear anyone protesting with ‘logic’ or ‘making sense’. :)


Please be Switch port, please be Switch port.


I would bet that is almost a sure thing.


@Ginger_Yellow Given Blizzard tweeted a picture of the D3 logo on a light switch a couple of months ago I dont think you need to be too worried.


So apparently news of Diablo on switch coming later this year was leaked in a Forbes post today.


Aargh. I will probably have to buy that.


Yay, I will probably have to buy that.


Yeah. Thats not going to be optional.