Diablo III


Please be Switch port, please be Switch port.


I would bet that is almost a sure thing.


@Ginger_Yellow Given Blizzard tweeted a picture of the D3 logo on a light switch a couple of months ago I dont think you need to be too worried.


So apparently news of Diablo on switch coming later this year was leaked in a Forbes post today.


Aargh. I will probably have to buy that.


Yay, I will probably have to buy that.


Yeah. Thats not going to be optional.


If it has couch co-op, this will see much play in my house.


I hate buying stuff again, but couch coop on the Switch sounds awesome.


If the video is to be believed there is even backseat of car coop.


60 fps handheld at native res is pretty solid. Only 960p docked though (like Zelda).


Talk about a troll to the twenty diablo fans who still held out hope that Blizzard hadn’t abandoned the IP.

Let me guess at the other project(s), if any… a port to iphone.


Nah, it’s Diablo 4. Which they won’t announce until after D3 Switch releases. :)


Switch gets offline play! God this is the one thing I have wanted for years - it has always infuriated me that I can’t actually play the game whenever I want because the lag gets so bad it is unplayable.



Looks awesome! Can’t wait! Finally my dream to play Diablo 3 on a plane or on a train will be realised!

Framerates look - to use an oft named cliche - “buttery smooth” when undocked.


So let me get this straight. Blizzard gave me D3 for ‘free’ because of my silly WoW addiction all those years ago, and now they are going to get $60 from me anyway for the same game?! Well played, Blizzard.


Hell, I bought it twice. Wanted a good couch game and wanted to play the XBox version since everyone seems to love it (outside of inventory management, it is really good). Every time I come back to it I really enjoy it, but I can’t justify the Switch version, right?



Every time this gets bumped I get the itch to play again, but then remember I have to do massive inventory management to even get started. Great game, but I have no idea what they were thinking with artificially limiting stash tabs.