Diablo III

This is going to be the first season I manage to get the stash tab. With the LoN bonus running a g45 with not set pieces was pretty easy, and the years of war conquest I already have run 4 gr55 with the different crusader sets so I just need 2 more with my wizard or another class.

One odd thing is I have the Delsere Magnum Opus set, but the achievement for collecting class sets doesn’t mark it as complete.

Yup, now do it again on Hardcore for another ‘easy conquest’. I’m working on that now.

Glad to see I was not crazy. Get invited!

Looking at the conquests, I may well do GR45 with no sets for my second. Man, there is some grindy bullshit in there.

I thought I saw ravenfly on the leaderboards for the thrill already. With the way items have been dropping I finished years of war this afternoon, so I have 2 conquests done. Not sure if I will get a 3rd done for guardian. Maybe the gold one, but certainly not mastering 8 class set dungeons.

Sorry, meant hardcore GR45 no-set.

gah fuck no

Finished Conqueror tonight, finally getting another stash tab. Hopefully next season is that easy as well.

Congrats. Did you do hardcore?

Can I get an invite to the Qt3 clan? It’s been so long my request is about to expire.

I pushed through on the Switch version last night and finished tier 4 to get the full Haedrig set. I’d never tried an Impale build before; interesting taking a bowless approach to Demon Hunter. One thing that is desperately missing is an in-game clock of some sort so you don’t stay up way too late grinding.

Just softcore. Maybe I’ll start an HC run now.

What 3 conquests did you do without going Hardcore?

I haven’t completed guardian. For conqueror you just need 2 conquests. I guess I could try for 45gr hc to finish off guardian. I did gr45 no set, and 55gr with 6 sets softcore.

Oh then doing Avarice is a no brainer

All I need for the Wings is one more conquest. sigh. I guess I’ll look into Sprinter, because the only other option is to level another character for Years of War and I really don’t think I want to try that.

Edit - well, looks like I have to level another char. :-/

Avarice completed. Now I just need to get 3 of my gems to 70, and cube 10 more items.

I’m annoyed that basically all the conquests are “hook up with a group who know the tricks to work the exploits” or “play the game in an unintuitive and distinctly un-fun way that’s counter to its basic design.”

I guess what I’m saying is that I hope the wow classic team has a few of what tiny fraction of competent designers remain at blizzard :/

I haven’t played a demon hunter in years, and it is strangely fascinating. If I lean into the set bonus, this is an extremely different character from what I’m used to. It’s going to be hard unwinding the set to take advantage of the LoN bonus. My impale one-shots torment VII bosses, and I have no ancients.

I feel the same way - Impale is hilariously busted with the Shadow set and it’ll be hard to switch off to take advantage of the season bonus which is the reason I started up again in the first place! Even up to T13/GR60 everything melts and you can one or two-shot elites and rift guardians; I haven’t tried anything higher because I took some time to farm up GR keys.

Likewise, though I may have one non-set ancient. And my items are not that good - my jewellery in particular is rubbish. It’s the most glass cannon-y character I’ve played, even more so that a wizard, but boy the cannon hits hard.