Diablo III

Does anyone know why the Diablo 3 Eternal Collection for PC apparently isn’t sold anywhere anymore? Amazon and Walmart have it for every platform except for PC.

But that one doesn’t include the Necromancer like the Eternal Collection does!

I guess, but it’s like $10 extra on Battle net and they have it on sale multiple times a year.

So at this point 9 years later I don’t personally see much value for a physical copy of an online only game in the first place.


Edit : A quick search suggests that the Eternal edition only received a physical release for consoles. So it appears you can only get that specific edition digital via Blizzard. So you either get the Battle Chest and add the digital Necromancer add on, or get the bundle on Battlenet.

I know you mean the PC version, but anyone with the Switch version can play offline (with a few restrictions for season characters).

Yup, offline not on PCs. Probably why they didn’t bother with an Eternal box copy for pc.

So just got a Whimsydale Goblin and pulled a nice 30 million gold out of there and some decent stuff. Been making steady progress, up to Slayer in the Seasonal Stuff so have the full set. Managed a GR 20 with no issues, gear is still all over the place as i try to get pieces I like that match my play style.

I haven’t played in a few seasons, but if you are going GR 20’s you are well on your way. I would suggest that it can help to spend 5 minutes and look up what is good to gamble for on your class with the blood shards to get the more rare pieces for builds. Definitely not mandatory, but sometimes it can help you decide what to focus on.

With the Blood Shards do you just spend them with Kadath and hope you get what you need after a few hundred purchases

Pretty much, so it can be worth looking at a loot table for your class to see what you would want at a place like (I assume this is up to date but I haven’t played in a bit). Generally amulets and rings is a good place to start depending on what you have already.

For me, I mostly just played and built my own style out of what I found, but as you really start pushing the limits then there start to be gear pieces that you just really need to unlock a build.

Thanks, that’s useful, I have an idea of what I am after and a few bits are there.


Gloves, belts, boots and shoulders are best to spend blood shards on.
For weapons its better to use the Kanais cube to upgrade rare to legendary because the random item pool is reduced to the input rare weapon type and level. So if you’re after a single handed level 70 scythe, its better to convert a rare of that type.

Thanks for that, there are both boots and a belt from shards i would really like so that’s my first visit. My first Legendary upgrade I got a recommended weapon from it so that was lucky.

What’s the best way to earn greater rift shards, is it better to do lower level Nepahalem rifts or higher ones?

It’s doing whichever torment level you can do comfortably in like 2-3 minutes.

Ok that’s great,

It’s also the best way to get blood shards, death’s breaths and those pack gnomes (like gems, legendary, crafting, etc).
I normally set the level to where I can do one within 5 minutes solo.

When you are farming in Diablo generally you want to be at the highest level where trash mobs basically just explode and elites drop quickly but not instantaneously.

Obviously what spot on the difficulty curve is up to you for fun, but that’s the most efficient. Running rifts as a team or bounty caches where you split up is even better.

Since I am legally required to play a season whenever this thread is bumped, I will say that this is a fun one. The shrine buddy makes leveling up super easy and the 4th cube slot is nuts.

Once suggestion is when you run across Illusory Boots definitely wear or cube them. Being able to run through trash enemies or even elites can really make the game a lot more fun. It’s both makes positioning based builds more fun and speed farming easier. I strongly recommend running them until you get to the point where you really need that slot for your build which will take a while.