Diablo III

If you are talking D3, level cap is 70, then Paragon levels. Otherwise, yeah, that’s it in a nutshell.

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Yeah, what the heck is this about? I guess I’ll have to google it and try it out.

Edit: Apparently it’s called a Challenge Cache.

I enjoy it in much the same I way enjoy a game like Vampire Survivors.

I get increasingly powerful to the point where an entire screen of badass beasts explode, or one explodes and that starts a chain reaction that explodes all the others, or some third mechanism that does much the same thing.

Along the way I can push the difficulty, and I’ll have to move and play smarter, much like a survivors game before your build becomes godlike.

The difference is that the xp doesn’t come in gems, and I’m spamming abilities instead of them just firing automatically, but it’s much the same hook. It’s the deliciousness of an entire screen of enemies being blown to bits.

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Yeah. I only did it when I participated in my second season based on tips from other players. Grab your Challenge Cache and let’s-a-go! I think when the season starts you’ll have plenty of help with the challenge dungeon because everyone and their mother will be running it. Not sure about mid-late season.

Yeah, I finally got up to needing a Challenge Cache reward for my next unlock in the Altar of Rites and caught the horrible current crusader one they are on. I think I will just wait until the next one on Monday.

I haven’t played a season, nor Diablo III, since maybe season 3 or something and this last season they really let things go on giving you lots more power and a sort of all in for the last season ever. That Altar of Rites is awesome and allows you to push power early and fast and has lots of nice quality of life features too.

I just got to GR90 on my season armor set Bone Spear necromancer build. I can do Torment 16 comfortably, but am close to maxing out on GR with damage, I am afraid. I still have lots of Ancients and later Primals to get so I have some room on this current build, and lots more to unlock on the Altar of Rites, so hopefully I can push a little further. I may have to look into the Death Nova build, which seems better. I am having more fun than I ever have with Diablo III and loving my first try at the necro.

All this D3 talk got me to reinstall this weekend, and I created my first Necromancer in D3 since buying the DLC. A Season character, so I have to go through the campaign with no help from the stash or anything.

This art style is so different from Diablo 1, 2 and 4! I’d forgotten just how different it was until I played it again. I rescued Decard Cain and I’m now going to go after the Skeleton King in the Cathedral.

The combination of the writing, the voice acting, and the art style give this one a completely different feel from the rest of the series. I’m definitely not feeling any warm fuzzies having to play through this stupid story campaign again, that’s for sure.

Yeah, D3 story is as dumb as a bag full of hammers. Tragic how they killed off Deckard Cain by some absolute nobody you kill in chapter 2 easily. So stupid dumb story game.

Adventure mode is the only way to play now.

Yes, a seasonal character will not have a stash at first (though subsequent characters will have access to your seasonal stash), however, i don’t believe you’re obligated to do campaign. You should be able to switch to adventure mode or challenge rifts…

Seasonal characters take up slots like any other, right?

Just switch to Adventure Mode. It’s in the game options on the start screen.


Thanks folks. I found the adventure mode. Definitely waaaaaay better.

Being one of the ARPG players who is not after the loot chase aspect of the game, I’d really prefer ARPGs to not NEED a mode like this. Like, Diablo 2, I don’t feel needs this mode at all. I really don’t mind running through the campaign over and over. And I hope Diablo 4’s campaign will be similarly good. But if you’re going to have a terrible campaign, you really need an adventure mode equivalent that really streamlines the actual ARPG experience like this one does. It just feels like everything is optimized to get you slaying enemies as fast as possible, ticking boxes and kicking ass super quick, much quicker than the campaign.

What is Adventure Mode?

Basically a streamlined version of the game. Act 1, for example, has an unlocked vendor right near you and the stash and the checkpoint so you can get in and out of town fast. Each level has story stripped out and instead they have five bonus objectives you can do to earn extra rewards at each checkpoint level.

It’s the express lane to the endgame. You skip the campaign, all of it, and get started right away running bounties and doing rifts. Everything is unlocked and super-convenient.

NOTE: You must have completed the campaign once before adventure mode unlocks.

Though you don’t have to have completed the campaign to make a seasonal character and go right into adventure mode.

I think last time this was discussed I found out you actually still do, even for seasonal. I think it’s an account wide thing? Like you only ever need do it once, but you do need to do it. ‘It’ being defeat Malthael (act 5 boss) as part of the campaign.