Diablo III


I wonder if health scales enough at TX to make crit all that worthwhile for the LTK monk. Non-crit LTK one-shots most elites. Guardians and bosses take between 3 and 10 kicks.


So then, what exactly is the progression in the game now? I played it mostly back when it launched, when the progression was still the same as other ARPGs. Play through Normal, then play through Nightmare, then play through Hell. And your character gets higher and higher level, and faces the appropriate leveled monsters too, as you go along this progression. What is the progression like now? I played it briefly with the expansion, and got to Act 2 on Hard. What happens when I beat the game after starting it at level 1 on Hard? Approx what level do you reach by then? 70? And then you unlock adventure mode? Which lets you go anywhere? How does that work? Do they spawn monsters based on your level or something?


Dude, it’s Diablo.

Hit things. Fill bars. Hit things harder. Equip loot. Run faster. Fill more bars.

Rocket surgery it ain’t.


True. But I’m curious. I know what I’m asking about is many, many, many hours into the future, probably months away from where I am in the game, but I’m just curious about how they handled game progression.

One thing I did notice is that it took my Crusader about the same time to get through Act 1 on Hard as it took pre-expansion for one of my characters to finish all of Diablo 3. So obviously the game has been slowed down tremendously, or I’m playing on the wrong difficulty level.


Well, you don’t have to do the story at all anymore. Once adventure is unlocked, you can start a character in adventure mode and hit act v at level 1 if you want. Everything scales to your level. The entire map is open to you. Every act has bounty objectives and at any moment, one act is designated as having a bonus, so if you are doing bounties (a mix of kill this boss, complete this event, and kill all enemies at X location) you will typically go where the bonus is. The bounties reward you with recipes, crafting mats, and the occasional legendary.

But to get back to your question, nightmare and hell difficulties have been replaced with a much less coarse system. It now goes normal, hard, expert, master, and then torment. The latter has 13 separate difficulty levels. I suppose if you like replaying story mode, you’d start a “nightmare” replay at Torment 1 and just keep bumping the difficulty as needed. I can’t imagine doing that, though. About the only thing I will miss from the story is the character of the moment saying “Spider Queen?” Before the fight with Arenaea.

Moreover, these days, it’s apparently possible to level to 70 in 2-3 hours if you are good at speed farming and willing to grind (I’m not). The season journey gives you a bunch of stuff to do, leading you along the character progression as you go. It probably took me more like 10 hours to get to 70 but I enjoyed it.

I think the thing I would suggest is to go beat act V to unlock adventure mode if you haven’t already. Then start a season character in adventure mode at level 1. Pick a class whose season set matches your playstyle:

Here are the sets granted by Haedrig’s Gift in Season 9:

Barbarian – Might of the Earth
Crusader – Thorns of the Invoker
Demon Hunter – The Shadow’s Mantle
Monk – Monkey King’s Garb
Witch Doctor – Raiment of the Jade Harvester
Wizard – Firebird’s Finery

The first four chapters of the season journey will lead you through level 70 and all the way to Torment 4 difficulty. By the end you will have one of the 6 piece sets listed above (open all of the gifts from completing chapters 2-4 on the same character!). That point marks a nice finishing point, or you can continue on to the more advanced parts of the journey if you like.


Beat story once on your account to unlock Adventure Mode. If you’re playing in Seasons, progress through your season journey to acquire a free set, then continue along that journey for more cosmetics and a stash tab. The progression is now about pushing difficulty levels, Paragon levels, and Greater Rift levels instead of going through the story. If you insist on playing through the story/haven’t unlocked adventure, you should hit 70 before completing but it all depends on what difficulty you play on. Enemies are based on your level and then scaled by the difficulty.

Crusader’s damage output is pretty terrible until you can piece together some sets, but at end game a Thorns build is hilarious and extremely powerful.


@Rock8man - this is the way to go! Use your old Act 4 character to beat Act 5 and unlock adventure mode, then start a season game with a new character. Unless you’re dying to play through the story again… which you can still do within a season anyway. :)

The journey does a great job of guiding you through all the stuff you need to be doing to progress, while setting up reward goals. After completing chapter 2 of the journey you’ll get the first bits of your free set for example: https://d3resource.com/journey/


But when I tried importing my old Act 4 character, the game warned me that the Crusader I made and his shared stash would get erased. If I’d imported the old character into Reaper of Souls right at the beginning, I wouldn’t have this problem, but I didn’t think to do it back then. So I said no to the import. So that Act 4 character is gone.

So the highest level character I have currently is my Act 2 Crusader and my Act 1 Witch Doctor who takes 3 minutes to kill each enemy.


Lower the difficulty down from hard until you get a bit of gear.


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Import? Not sure what you are talking abut here. I logged into my account, not having played in years, bought the expansion, and immediately started playing act V on one of my characters.


I played the base game on PC, played only hardcore, all those characters are dead.

Then I played the base game on 360, that’s the softcore character that made it to the end.

Then I bought the game on X1, and you can import your 360 character to it, but you have to upload the 360 save to the blizzard cloud first, which I didn’t do at the time. After I had played for a long time, then I went to the 360 save and uploaded it, but the X1 version says if I import that cloud save from Blizzard, it will overwrite my X1 save, including my characters and stash. I can’t keep both. It’s one or the other.


Ahhhhh, ok. Now I get it.

So…uh…this happened…


I love it when that happens!


Yeah, that is fun when that happens.


Recently getting back into this on the PS4 and I finally unlocked adventure mode and now I understand why everyone loves his! Adventure mode is so great, this is WAY better than the story mode. My only question is I’m knocking out the quests pretty quickly, what happens when you complete all quests in all zones? Is that the end of adventure mode or do more quests populate?


Make sure to do the ones on the map with the bonus so you get two caches at the end. When complete the bonus shifts to another map, and quests repopulate, yes.

Do Rifts as well. :)


I got one of these too. Not sure I should use it … my Incense Torch could benefit from a free slot to stick a green in, but I won’t be using it forever.


Ok sorry another noob question: what is the deal with that Cube thing, should I just ignore that until I have a 70? Also gear, I keep getting these green set blueprints, should I favor those over legendaries with better stats?


Yes there’s not much use for the Cube until 60 or 70, whenever you start getting Death’s Breath materials. You can still grab it though, in preparation.

I’d use whatever has the better stats early on. Sometimes a green set gives a nice bonus when wearing all pieces though.