Diablo III


Whirlwind is for mobility and healing (as you guessed). The most dangerous circumstances in this game are getting trapped by enemies or in ground effects. I simply won’t play a barbarian without it. And it spends fast enough, while moving. It’s actually on my left-click.

So, between the changes yesterday, and rolling all resist on my helm, and switching resist to physical on bracers, I’ve gone from struggling with 8s to breezing through 9+ (just ran a GR42). Elites and champs aren’t quite dead before I can finish leaping, but it’s nice to actually have a reason to use seismic slam.


What’s the point of the ‘season rebirth’ feature? Why would you want to take an existing character back to level 1 for a season?


So you can reuse the character name that you like.


You can do that anyway. If you want you can give the same name to all your characters.


You know, I knew this was the case, but hadn’t realized just how big of an impact it was. Actually looked at my sheet toughness listing, and between the iron impact rune and band of might, it goes up by nearly a factor of 9 when I leap.

After struggling with the MotE set dungeon, I decided to put the Immortal King set together. Took a couple of days, but I managed to get the set together and mastered the dungeon in one go with about 2 and a half minutes to spare. Sooooo much easier.


The biggest reason seems to be that it keeps your /played time for the character, if you want to track such things.


Well, also you only get 12 slots, so rebirth saves you from using one.


The rebirth feature always seemed completely useless to me.


I use it always, quicker than deleting or killing my character to start it again in next season.


It lets you change the class as well, or do you always play the same class?


You drop down to level 1 on THAT character. With everything gone, except Name and Class; So basically “Rebirth”.

Drop Table Inventory
Drop Table Experience


I just used the rebirth feature on a previous Seasonal character (from last season) that I just didn’t get too far on. I could have deleted the guy and started a new one, I suppose.


Just completed the champion tier on the season journey. Getting the TX done in less than 6 minutes took a few tries. definitely some luck involved there in terms of elite density, map layout, etc. And though I had to do a modest backtrack at one point, I had a speed pylon before that or else, I’d have likely been screwed. Still a long way from that stash tab, though, especially since I’m at a point where I don’t have a lot of easy upgrades I can make.


I’m resigned to the stash tab quest being a fool’s errand for a casual like myself!

I finally got my Kyoshiro’s Soul belt last night and wow, what a difference that makes to life. Not having to manage the Sweeping Wind stacks, now my ‘1’ hotkey finger doesn’t know what to do. :) Also finding my spirit builder not really needed much anymore. Guess I need to change that or my spirit passives.

Next goal is the Ring of Royal Grandeur, the Gaze helm, the boots, and the twin fists. So much to do! Also had my first run with a public bounty and it went pretty much as described here - most either people silent or friendly and helpful.


Finally found my first Unity ring. Now to find another…


That’s one thing I do have (or two things rather)!

Though I read something about it being ineffective on a follower unless you also have some immortality thing?


Played a crusader up to level 34 before realizing it wasn’t a seasonal character. I fail at life sometimes.

Which of course means all my cultist pages are there too. Gah.


Yes, but that item is required regardless as you push GR’s even when not using Unity.

Each follower has a legendary relic with the power “Your follower cannot die”. It is mandatory. Your follower will never do any damage, but the buffs they add are significant and go away while they are dead, which happens a lot without that relic in high torment.GR’s.

You can craft the leg with the cube upgrade rare recipe. Other than that, followers should generally be equipped with crowd control/debuff type gear and most likely an Oculus Ring. Shield of Deflection, Thunderfury, Ess of Jordan, etc.

And the Templar is pretty much where it is at…


Thanks, I’ll be noting all that down in my (copious) notes and adding more items to my wish list! :)


Yep, Sharaleo is right. For the Templar (and I assume the other two) there are only three legendary relics, so it’s a small table when upgrading from rare to legendary (took me two tries). Watching your companion get roflstomped every two-three seconds is funny for awhile, but after that…

And I had salvaged every item named above (and like 4 oculus rings, lol) before I read up on gear for followers. I have since found another Thunderfury and shield. Now if only I hadn’t cubed my wyrdward