Diablo III


It gets insane with a couple more pieces. My current monk’s profile..

As you can see I use Wave of Light to activate the 3000%, and I have other items that affect Wave of Light, including reducing its cost, casting it where I click, and slowing enemies and additional damage. Plus the belt that generates sweeping wind stacks, and a fist weapon that increases available stacks by 6. Basically I just run around and click Wave of Light every second or so whenever enemies appear onscreen and they just melt.


This is close to the build I’m going for. Still need some more pieces but I’m working on it! I cubed my Vengeful Wind so I could slot the power and use the torch for now as I didn’t have any other great fist weapons to dual wield.

I didn’t realise that Convention of Elements would work if equipped on the follower! The player still gets that orange bonus as well?


Ok, I am a bit overwhelmed with what to do next. Paragon 43 on Torment 1 with a Crusader. Mainly thorn based (which sometimes works amazingly, and sometimes not so much). I need more set armor to improve this it looks like, but do not have the recipes. Almost everything left to do in Seasonal Act IV is Torment IV or higher. I don’t think I am not ready for IV yet. I could go up one or two higher, but not IV yet.

So what should I do? Bounties? Rifts? Try to do cube stuff? I only have one cube slot filled, so I guess I need to find more legendary gear to extract properties from? Have 2 keys to a greater rift, but haven’t tried it yet.


I found the barbarian version of this guide very useful:

They break down skill and gear suggestions for each of the early chapters, then give some advice on how to procede once you have the whole set.


Well, completing Chapter IV gives you the rest of your set so no need for recipes. Until then gear up with L70 yellows that have the right types of stats on them (not necessarily the highest stats).

Start on the Greater Rifts, you need to get to L20 with those to do the chapter and they’re easy early on*. They’ll give you a new legendary gem each time until you have them all, as well as allow you to level them up. Those can be a big boost in power.

As @Misguided points out, the guides at teambrg are fantastic.

*I think GR1 = Hard, and they scale up to GR20 = Torment IV


Thanks guys, and link that was very helpful Misguided…but, it seems when I completed Act III I didn’t pick up the reward somehow. I don’t have the 3rd and 4th armor pieces that I should have.

Don’t you get a little bag in your inventory when you complete an act? I don’t have a bag to open. Is it dropped on the floor when you complete it and I just forgot to pick it up? Not sure how I could have missed that. Wow, I don’t really want to continue now. Maybe try again next season.


It comes to the in-game Mail.


You mean Act 3 of the game, or Chapter 3 of the season journey (ctrl j)?

Presuming the latter, you get a gift in your mailbox, which will be an icon on the bottom left of the screen. Click that to claim the gift to your inventory, where you then open it.

Note also, that the Crusader Thorns build is the only build in the game that does not care a whit about crit! The bulk of your damage will come from Thorns, which does not crit. What you want on your items is typically thorns (which rolls as a secondary stat), sockets where appropriate for weapon, rings, amulet and helm, attack speed and cooldown reduction.

Attack speed builds more 2-piece bonus damage buff stacks (and faster). Pair with a fast weapon to build 2-piece stacks before hitting Iron Skin/Reflective Skin for damage bursts. CDR helps with faster rotations.

Also an early priority is farming Greater Rifts for Boyarsky’s Chip, which will be a huge addition to your thorns damage. Getting this gem should be one of the first things you aim for.


I am an idiot. Thank you.

You would think I would have remembered this from Act 2. I just spent about 30 minutes being really mad over nothing…


No problem. Wish all crises were so easily resolved.


I just started a thorn crusader a couple of days ago as well so I could check out the new season. Wasn’t really interested in thorns but that’s the set you get for the season so I ran with it using this build once I hit 70. I think it would have been slow before that.

Holy crap, the set makes all the difference in the world. Once I switched to thorns with 4 pieces it was a major jump in power. When I got all 6 it was like I had a stick with injectable TNT.

Following the build and its logic was a necessity for me. I never would have figured out I should use the pig sticker I had, the lack of need for crit anything, etc.

Anyways I just hit T10 and I still am cruising on through. I have a ton of legendary gems but still no Boyarsky :/


Yeah, I followed the build @Misguided provided and did some Torment II stuff and it was cake. Literally walked into a room with some elites, hit my skill keys and everything was dead. I haven’t tried a boss with it yet, and I really do need better gear before I try upping it to Torment IV and trying one. Have to figure out this Legendary Gem thing.


Legendary gems sound more complicated than they really are. Start doing greater rifts. Each one you complete will award a legendary gem unless you have all the ones available.

At the end of each rift, talk to the NPC to upgrade one of your gems.myou don’t have to have them in your inventory, which is nice. as the rank starts to rise, the chance to succeed will drop, so you have to do higher rank rifts. Once you have a ton of money, you can also empower the rift for an extra upgrade chance.


And everytime you upgrade a leg gem you increase it’s primary bonus, which is uncapped in this fashion. At level 25 you unlock their secondary bonus. Both are important things to do and are power multipliers as you progress. Every time you level Boyarskys Chip, you add to it’s thorns damage attribute, for example. Every time you level Bane of the Trapped, you increase the bonus damage it applies to slowed enemies, at level 25 you unlock it’s secondary, which then means it procs itself, negating the need for an active skill to apply a slow. Etc, etc.


So, I have this on the Mac and am thinking of getting it on the PS4. I know I’m starting over, but it’s not a big deal since I wasn’t that far in anyway.

How is the multiplayer community on console vs, PC? Me being a total newb, are there multi-player only things like dungeons and raids like in WoW?


Did they add something in the last couple of seasons where if you finish the GR in a certain amount of time you get 4 upgrades instead of 3? It seems when I quickly clear a GR it will say 3+1 in the gem upgrade button.


Yes, it was in the latest patch attached to season 9. If you complete a GR without dying you get a bonus gem upgrade chance. Combined with empowering this give you five possible upgrade chances. This is great in general, but particularly when you are grinding low GR’s to level gems for augmenting of equipment.


There is no MP only content, that I can think of. Many things can be better in groups and progression will be much, much faster if you play in groups.

Can’t speak for console, but the PC community is generally pretty easy going and will happily help you understand mechanics or share drops they don’t need when you are looking for something in particular. Might be different at super high leaderboard Greater Rift pushes, if that’s your bag.


I’ve heard hacking is rampant in public multiplayer on consoles – complaints of players getting slingshot up to absurd paragon levels as they join a public game. On PC myself so can’t confirm.



One other question: I never finished the campain on the base game. Unless I care about the Crusader class, should I finish that before I get Reaper.