Diablo III


You mean on Mac? Well, to unlock adventure mode and Kanai’s cube, you will have to finish through act V once. But it makes no difference when you do that. If you have already beaten act iv with a character, it will dump you straight into act V


Nope. I’m not sure what act I’m on, but I’ve never finished the game. Maybe act III, but I’m not 100% sure.


@Mark_Crump Open a game to the public and it fills up pretty quick on PC too. Not sure about console.


People complain about getting Paragon boosts?


When they’re a new pre-70 and suddenly have a Paragon level in the thousands, yes.


What’s the point of playing if you’re just going to hack your way to T-XIII in 30 seconds?

If you’re going to play console, just stick to solo. Multiplayer on consoles is largely a wasteland anyway.


Or stick to creating public games, rather than joining.


Ok another question for you guys. Bounties with a key symbol mean a keywarden. I assume once in the level the purple arrow points to them. I followed the purple arrow and killed the boss that was there. No idea of the name, it was in Act IV. Nothing special dropped though. Internet search is just confusing me. Do keywardens not always drop the keys?




Nope, not till T4 are you guaranteed a drop.


I picked it up last night because I am weak. I like it so far. I went back to finishing Uncharted 2, but so far I like the controls a lot better.


@Mark_Crump what’s your PS4 name? I’m also on PS4 as LeafOnTheWind


@agapepilot BrammyH


So, I’m down to two challenges left in the current season chapter I am working on: T12 nephalem in 6 minutes and completing one conquest.

I can clear t12 comfortably (apart from the occasional instagib when I take a hit with my defenses down) but not that fast. I had an ancient fury of the vanished peak drop, so I was trying to put together a build to do the conquest completing a Gr45 with no set items. I was getting fairly close to that being possible I think, and I just had an eventful session…

A magefist dropped for me, which is great, because I had cubed the only one I had found and needed to use the cube armor slot for cindercoat.

Then, I ran over to the cube to upgrade a couple of 2h mighty weapons (how I got the FVP I mentioned above) and lo and behold, out pops an ancient blade of the tribes. Not a good roll across the board (low strength, no life on hit or fury, no vitality) but 200% earthquake damage. In a way, the worst part was that it rolled with a slot. Normally that would be good, but because I have a ramaldni, I had to roll the socket off. I got a high vitality roll on my first shot, so am keeping that for the moment (can’t really afford to give up 1k vitality rom my old one).

At any rate, I’m thinking I can do the conquest now using this instead, along with magefist and an Andariel’s visage with fire damage boost and convection of elements, and my girdle of giants.

Still don’t think I can do the T12 in 6 minutes, but should be closer.


Do the season challenges make it so you can tell if you’re “doing well”? Sounds like it from Misguided’s post above. How many challenges per season?


Ha, that’s great.


84 across the 9 chapters: https://d3resource.com/journey/

Of course stuff like mastering set dungeons comes with their own list of challenges, and I think with ‘conquests’ you can pick from another list of challenges.


Well, the first 4 chapters do a good job of leading you through the progression and introduce new things if you don’t know about them. At that point you have your full set and they start to take the gloves off. Where I’m at NOW it’s more like “you thought you were good at this, huh?” But this stuff (meaning the later chapters of the season journey) is here for people that want long-term goals to do. It’s not casual at this point, but you could be pretty darned casual and at least get your full 6-PC set in the first 4 parts.

This conquest is kicking my ass. I thought I was going to be able to do it, but it’s still taking my way too long to kill elites.


I know right? I was very surprised it wasn’t taken when I set it up.


Incredible! I just don’t get it, and am happy with that knowledge. Enjoy!


The season is getting a bit grindy now. I have good gear, but for Slayer I need to use the cube to fill one more slot, which means I need to scrap about 20 more Legendaries. Plus I need to run some bounties to get crafting stuff. And I am low on Dragon’s Breath. Not sure how dedicated I am just to farm this stuff. It still is fun increasing the level and seeing how my Crusader fares, but I am a bit sick of just collecting gear. Maybe time to move on until the next season/necromancer release? Still heck of a lot of fun, the game has improved a lot since release (as everyone reading this thread already knows).