Diablo III


Uh, why? You mean extracting a power, right? You don’t need forgotten souls for that.


I don’t? Maybe I am getting confused, but don’t I need 50 Forgotten Souls to extract a legendary power to the cube?


No, you must have looked at the recipe to reforge a legendary.

A power is 5 Breath and 1 of the bounty trophy things from each act, plus the legendary.

Fwiw, once you start pushing difficulty up to Torment X+, which you aren’t that far from, it isn’t all that unusual to get 5-6 legendaries from one rift, and even that seems a lot less daunting. And Death’s Breath starts coming in buckets.


Ahh ok thanks, will have to take another look at it. I am at Tornent VI now, but going to up it to VII tomorrow and complete the other Slayer stuff.


Or start another new season class? Collect all 6 free sets! ;)


Think you only get the gifts once. The pieces you get depend on which character opens them.


Oh wow, I didn’t know that - I thought you could collect em all! Not that I was really planning to… I finally just nabbed a Ring of Royal Grandeur after farming many Act 1 caches.

Still a few bits off having my full planned Sunwuko WoL kit (helm, chest, Kyo fist) but I’m fairly easily handling Torment X as-is. Working on Champion and getting some legendary gems up. It is getting a little grindy but I’m not minding for now.

Not sure I’ll make it through Conqueror to the Stash Tab.


Not sure I will either. I’m trying to finish the step before that (destroyer?). Realistically, I might have to get some help if I want to get that far.


Correct. One free set per season.


Offline Journey tracker, for those interested.

If any of you get stuck on your way to conqueror, hit me up, I can carry any of the T13 bosses, assist with dungeons, carry GR’s so you can get gems to 50. Probably carry a T13 rift in under 5 minutes with a good run. T10 and 12 rifts with ease.

Happy to try to arrange to be online for overseas times, especially this week as I will be up late to virtually attend US conferences for work.


Yeah, I think I’m getting close to T12 in 6. T13 in 5 is going to be a rough go. Hoping I can polish off the no-set conquest soon…


I just figured that out myself a couple of days ago.

I leveled the Thorns Crusader using the starter set and got to T11 but my wrists started bothering me. It requires a lot of clicking. I tried switching to the LoN bombardment build but that’s even worse, I move so fast it’s hard to keep him on track and doing what I want. Awesome progression build, crappy farming build.

So I made a Gem of Easement, threw it in a Furnace and leveled up a Monk & Wizard to 70 in an hour and a half each. I decided to go with the Monk, the kinetic feel of the build is just fun and it’s highly mobile. Unfortunately the lack of a free set is majorly slowing me down. I can clear T4 easy enough but I don’t have any sets yet for him, just a bunch of ancients that I needed to modify the Str->Dex from my Crusader.

The free set for the seasons was a brilliant move. I could never muster the patience to get that far and that gives such an immediate burst of power after each acquisition that I got addicted to D3, which never happened before.


Yeah, it makes it a lot of fun, and rewarding for people that don’t want to spend massive amounts of time, but power up a character. I actually have 4 full barbarian sets as of this morning (got shoulder drop for Raekor’s and gambled the shoulder for Wastes).

I’ve been very critical of D3 in the past because of the build fluidity. However, at this point (as opposed to launch when this wasn’t the case) at least they are leveraging that in interesting ways with stuff like the set dungeons, conquests, etc. which would make no sense with fixed builds. Hopefully they keep coming up with more ways to do that.


Did PC ever get the Nemesis system? Once I played on Console I never could go back to the PC and the only thing I was missing was the Seasons and those finally made it to console. The dual stick controls just feel really good as does the dodge evade ability. Really helps with my arthritis.


Nope, no Nemesis system on PC.


I’m starting to get a little burned out. I’ve had the 6 piece Barbarian set for a while now, and can comfortably do T6, but T7’s starting to push it. I’ve done GR30 in about 10, but it’s tough going. I’m not finding any better gear, and don’t see what or how to improve on what I’ve got anyway unless there’s much better stuff out there that’s just not dropping for me. I mean, there’s got to be better stuff, right? Leveling up some legendary gems and raising my paragon level as I go, but it’s hard to tell if it’s helping much; certainly not enough to get in to the T10 level that many here are able to.

Oh well, I got farther this season than last at least.


What’s your battlenet id? Link your toon’s paperdoll for some friendly critique! 😀




I went with the crusader invoker season set on hardcore - currently T12-13. What I can’t figure out is if Hack or Pig Sticker is the better weapon. And if Sanguinary Vambraces or Heart of Iron is better in the cube. Any testing I do is super unscientific and I’m wondering what will let me push furthest.


In the same spot with my Crusader. I am just sticking at T6 for now. Trying to get a couple of germs up to level 25 so just running rifts over and over. Not quite sure what else to do other than extract some better legendary powers. The first set dungeon is kicking my ass as well.