Diablo III


Three steps forward… and then they announce another legendary tier in Primal Ancient. Gear sets and mat storage will be great though – every loot-based ARPG should have gear sets these days (looking at you specifically, The Division).


Correct-o-mundo. Once you get sets together and start pairing Legendary affixes to create bonuses, paper doll DPS begins to mean less and less. It is still kind of important - more paperdoll DPS is still loosely the ‘foundation’ from which damage is derived (I say that loosely as paperdoll is itself kind of a guestimation anyway). That’s why it is good to say, sacrifice crit on your yellow rings for non-crit Focus and Restraints and lose 15% sheet DPS but effectively gain 125% DPS from the set bonus.


Ugh, not a fan of that at all. Meanwhile the game is packed with legendaries that will never ever be used as their special affixes more or less suck. I question whether the game really needs the addition of another power creep item tier when there is so much other shit they could be doing to tweak existing gear and see what the community builds with it. They should be beefing up or reworking all the trash legs that get instantly vendored and seeing what Legacy of Nightmares build develop to offset the silly set orientated gameplay.


Yeah, I meant to mention that specifically. Temp buffs like focus/restraint won’t be reflected on sheet dps while they aren’t active.


Funniest thing is rolling GR70’s with thorns crusaders with <500k sheet damage!


I was suddenly in the mood for monster clicking and reinstalled over the weekend. First time playing since a very short casual peek at season 4 and of course I basically missed the Tristram event.

Otherwise I have gotten my rebirthed monk to 70 and having fun. Aside from the damn Malthael T4 killing I have all the rest of the journey done through chapter IV. I just don’t have the gear yet to punch through the giant bag of hp he has. Grrr.


Not many here in the QT3 clan or community? I think we need some fresh officers to start freeing up slots and recruiting fresh blood!


I think I’m in the community, but that was basically the overflow way back when after the clan reached the member limit heh.


I don’t think any of the officers have played in forever. @telefrog, I think you are any officer, can you promote me or @Profanicus, since we seem to be the ones constantly cycling through the seasons and can help maintain the current member list.


I’ll try to jump on tonight and promote you.




If you want into the clan and are a current player, friend me or message here with your Battlenet ID.

Mine is sharaleo#1797


Any advice on where to go from here? Just completed Slayer and currently playing T8. I kill bosses with ease, in seconds, but the occasional pack of random monsters sometimes kills me. Not sure if it’s due to low resistances or armor. Basically the build is right from the link Misguided provided above.

I know I need to get my gems leveled up. What else, just look for better rolls on my set armor and other pieces?


I am an officer and still play now and then, not had any requests or anything in game. Last week I was on a fair bit, ill this week

Edit - Being UK based means I am probably on a lot earlier though.


Aquila Cuirass and Heart of Iron! Mandatory! Wear your best and cube your worst of those pieces. It’s not a resource spending build, so AQ will give you instant and constant 50% damage reduction. HoI adds significantly to your thorns damage.

Justice Lantern. Again, huge damage reduction. With this equipped you will then do everything to increase your block chance.

Turf the Focus and Ammy for a Traveller’s Pledge and Compass Rose combo - damage reduction and damage output.

Sockets on offhands are a waste these days. Usually you can get enough resist all via other means and it takes the place of something more beneficial, like maybe some recovery. You need an Akarat’s Awakening for skill resets or Vo-Tayias Spiker anyway. Again, wear your best and cube the other. Though if/when you go with the Spiker you will need to drop Consecrated Ground for Provoke - Hit Me.

Switch to Laws of Justice Decaying Strength for more mitigation. Drop Bombardment for Akarat’s Champion - mitigation, damage and fast rests due to Akarat’s. Over the long run it outperforms Bombardment, particularly for Guardians.

Convention of Elements is a staple in the cube. Time your Iron Skin procs for physical rotation for ludicrous damage!

Nice dagger!

Set up right, the Thorns build is seriously, seriously tanky, but you need a few items to stitch it together before it works. Building block chance is key, which then resets skills. But it kind of all hinges on Justice Lantern and Akarat’s Awakening.

Icy-Veins FTW!


Wow, thanks so much. I have a lot to research/find it looks like.


Just don’t ask me about any builds I have not played! ;)


If you pick EURO server there’s people that can you invite you nearly every day (and def in weekends).


Agree with all of this except Heart of Iron. In my experience, you’ll get a significant damage boost by cubing Sanguinary Vambraces instead.


That’s a great name - I called my barbarian Barbara Ann.