Diablo III


Haha, funny you should say that! Roughly since that barb I have been going for clever use of song titles or lyrics for my toon names!

I am particularly fond of one of my WD’s - OoEeOoAaAa


This has been my experience as well. I am able to complete high 60s GR comfortably with my current seasonal crusader:


He said wear the best, cube the worst. I don’t think he actually intended using HoI in the cube, since you can’t do both at the same one.


I did mean wear one and cube the other. Though, my info is a few patches old.

When I ran my Crusader there were a few thorns items that did not interact properly with all the other skill and set boosts. Hack was considered sub-par, for instance as it’s thorns damage per attack was not boosted. Pig Sticker was preferred for the extra affix, attack speed and beast/human damage.

Could have been SV fell into that category, but now you mention it I do vaguely recall messing with them in the build at some point.


But you can’t have the same legendary affix working twice at the same time, right?


Do you need all the Diamonds in Chest and Pants? Thorns still scales from Str in some arcane way and I recall the build having plenty of survivability at least up into the high 60’s on my build at the time.


Correct. Wear HoI and cube AQ, if your HoI has perfect rolls, or vice versa. Moot if SV is preferred these days. Just wear the AQ as it is the necessary one for damage reduction.

You always want to consider that cubing an item will provide its maximum legendary benefit, regardless of the roll on the item itself.


Oh, duh, now I understand my confusion. I was thinking zhoI was belt slot, but both are chest.

<- derp

Incidentally, is there a legendary that converts life per second into thorns damage?


Probably not in the 60’s GR, I like the extra gem upgrade opportunity for not dying in GR so the diamonds buy me a little more safety cushions.


A kind soul on qt3 community helped me drop Malthael earlier today to finish my monk journey and complete my set. Yay!

I kept trucking for a while and got a few new goodies and now I’ve done a grift 30 in about 8 minutes and have 7/10 for the Slayer journey thing.

Having fun since this is actually going to be my most geared character ever oddly enough.


Now I am closing in on the Champion journey thing. A few adjustments and I think I should be able to drop a T10 rift in the six minutes depending on the map rng.

Having a lot more fun with the loot chase this time around than I honestly expected.


Having a lot more fun with the loot chase this time around than I honestly expected.


I think it’s down to the structure and goals set by the season journey, plus the free set giving defined builds to collect specific equipment for. Really loved my time with this season.


It’s also weird to me that I’ve just sort of evolved how I’m playing as I go and years ago I was very obviously not paying much attention to the synergies.

This time around I’m actually adjusting things as I go and getting great results. It seems the stars just aligned for me in monster clicking heh.


Well, for better or worse, the game is about those synergies now, beyond a certain point. Before, Diablo was more a case of I need a staple attack, a defense power, a mobility power, etc., but at least as I remember it, there was more room to mix and match.

Grim Dawn is sort of in the middle, in that it depends on picking powers and passives that reinforce each other, but doesn’t have the set items that multiply the effectiveness of them to staggering levels.


That is also true.

I’d never seen more than a piece or two of a set before now. It may be because I’d taken such a long break, but seeing the set bonuses plus other drops, plus cube options really intrigued me. So I’ve been running my monk and barbarian literally without resource generators in the game defined sense once I have the gear for it.

It’s pretty interesting.


Yeah, although I always liked getting a drop that inspired me to start a whole new character (that can still happen) having drops be more tailored to the one you are playing has its benefits.

I got the MotE set as the seasonal gift for my Barbarian, but also have complete Wastes, Immortal King, and Raekor sets in the process of playing that character this season.


Yeah, I’ll be very sad if they aren’t making Diablo 4 or a real expansion to this. I like Path of Exile just fine, but there’s a lot to be said about all the beautiful little touches that Blizzard puts in their games. The super tight controls, the music and sound and voice and the sheer character is really unmatched.

It just feels great where most of the rest of the genre feels clunky.


x100 for me. Blizzard is the best at “feel”.


So close to finishing off slayer. Had 3 runs of the Monkey King set dungeon last night where I got to the end and I missed 3, 2, and 4 mobs. The decoy part has been a bit tricky as well, because I can blow up pretty much everything on the screen with just a single wrong click robbing the decoy of kills.

1 piece shy of 3 complete Monk sets now. I really need to work on getting the new stash tab. If I keep running these season I will quickly run out of space. I already have 3 or 4 sets for my DH from season 6. It seems ridiculous that they don’t give people a little more space.

Finally got my rorg this weekend, and then it wouldn’t stop dropping. Now if it would just start dropping some Ramalandi’s gifts I’d be happy.


Yeah after getting the set gift I’ve now almost finished another set and have half of two others. Compared to never seeing a full set of anything before it’s been quite interesting.

I think that the game is finally clicking for me in a way that it never did before and I’m really enjoying it.