Diablo III


Also seems to me that you are better off using the cube to go for class specific weapons and off-hand items, so if you are looking for a fetish or ceremonial dagger slap a 70 yellow in the cube with mats and you’ll end up with something great much faster than gambling shards. I usually use the shards for armor pieces because they are cheaper.


I was able to craft a yellow into a pretty good ceremonial knife and I also put a socket in it so my weapon and offhand are in good shape. Still collecting set pieces though, but it’s going pretty well. Thanks for all the advice everyone.


The serendipitous nature of Diablo 3 amuses me. This season I’ve been trying to assemble a Firebats build for my Witch Doctor. Since he’s my second seasonal character, he didn’t get the free set, so he’s had to crawl up the power spectrum the old-fashioned way. Well, I’ve gotten 4 items in the Archyr set, but I need a few more assorted pieces for this to really work. So what does Diablo 3 do?

It gives me piece after piece for a pet build. My first half-decent pair of gloves was a Tasker and Theo. My second decent Voodoo Mask was a Mask of Jeram. While I still need a bunch of Helltooth pieces for a true pet build, those two items above (one cubed, one being worn) give my pets so much damage that they, plus my Spider Queen and the Fallen Lunatics and the Fetishes I summon sometimes all conspire to wipe the floor with stuff. While still assembling the set I want, I’m running GR30 and T7 - I understand the endgame is still a ways from there, but my memories of gearing up in previous seasons reaching local plateaus around T4 when I was gearing up.

So obviously the Witch Doctor is OP! I do love playing a WD though, no other class gives me that feeling of comfort, regardless as to power level.


T7 without a full set sounds pretty good. One of the conquests I did was Gr45 (T10) with no set items, and it was a pretty tough challenge that took a whole lot of planning and gearing.

Keep gambling the pieces of the Archyr set you need and running rifts. You will get them.


The only 2 Slayer challenges I need still are the “level a gem to 25” (I’ve got one on 24 right now) and “set dungeon.” Because I don’t have a full set of anything! Still enjoying it though.


Until you have really good gear, the Gargantuan build with Helltooth works pretty well. It easily pushes GRs into the 50s – i.e. without much effort. I haven’t played for a bit, but I think I have some extra Helltooth pieces (and probably some Arachyr, too), if you’re interested. I could pop on.

I would understand if you wanted to get them yourself, though.


I appreciate the offer but I’m fine with just playing and getting the pieces as they drop. Besides, how could you trade stuff you got to me? Isn’t that not possible unless we are grouping and do stuff together and they dropped?


You can’t trade gear unless you were grouped when the items dropped anyway.


I’ve somehow managed to get full sets on three different characters now during the season. The addiction is strong after not playing for such a long time.

I just need to squeeze in one more conquest of some sort for the stash space. I got invited to a group the other night that slammed out the cursed chest one. Not even a great composition, but we still managed to get over 400 kills on the chest event.

I haven’t really looked at the other ones much, so I don’t honestly know how doable they are. I’ve done all of the journey alone except for one and the single conquest because I play at odd hours sometimes.


As I mentioned a few posts back, if you’ve got the right gear setup, avarice (50M gold) is rather easy, but boon of the hoarder is probably required. I’ve got puzzle rings and others probably do too.


Pour one out for Stu the Hardcore Season 9 Crusader who finally died on a measly GR70 at Paragon 790 while farming for shards for a newly created alt. He had previously duo’d GR75’s and soloed GR74’s, so this should have been easy - if he hadn’t also been in a conference call while in the rift.


Oh no!


After glancing at the list I don’t think it counts in the vault.


It doesn’t, but you have to go to the vault to get boon of the hoarder (by killing Greed). Get that to level 50, add in a Cindercoat, a goldwrap, and a bunch of +'gold find. Then you just need enough damage and mobility to handle a T10 and move quickly between groups, and you should be able to complete avarice relatively easily. Cow level works quite well for this.


I’ve found Ruins of Corvus to be the easiest place to complete avarice, while wearing Boon of the Hoarder and Goldwrap. Run through the entire dungeon all the way till the end, and these little crabs will follow you. Then turn back around, there will be thousands of them, they die in one hit.


Yeah, I’ve heard about ruins of Corvus, but I like the cow level. It’s just a big open area with no doors or dead ends to worry about.


And I’m halfway through the section for the stash tab. I did end up doing the ruins level with my crusader on T10 with the boon gem at 50. I basically ran through with pony power to get the layout and open all the doors then went back to the beginning and killed my way through. Ended up with about a 67 million streak.

I think the real ones I’ll need a group for is likely the Leoric in 30 seconds and the 13 rift. That is tough stuff.


Haven’t tried Leoric, but going to need help with the T13 for sure.


I think I’m going to try Leoric today with my demon hunter. I have been playing around with a fun multishot UE setup, but I think my Marauder gear setup is slightly better quality and if I can set up 5 turrets before he activates I might have a chance to burn him down. Big maybe, but worth a try.

Unless I get some luck with upgrade drops I might have to end up trying to find a group. Tough when most of my friends are way behind me or don’t play heh.


My Demon Hunter is doing T6 GRifts fairly easily now but I can’t seem to progress much further without grinding my gems up really slowly. Is there a point in D3 where you are forced to group?