Diablo III

Pushed through to GR45 and build seems to be holding well so far, at least I haven’t had any guardian procs. However, I feel i’m topping out…Maybe I can get GR55 or 60, but I doubt I can hit 70. Then again, my perspective on this is a little thin - I dont think i’ve ever done over GR50 before, so I’m not sure how significant a climb it is. Of course, the other problem is that at this level, switching builds could be instantly fatal, unless i drop it way down to test it first (and who really wants to do that?).

Also, squirts necklace (as well as stone gauntlets), really bother me in a ‘i feel this is gonna kill me’ way.

My WD just crossed GR100, which I think I might have done once, maybe twice, before. This is the last hurrah for this game, so I’m gonna try for 150 and finally delete it off my hard drive for good. But to get there, I’m definitely gonna need a Rhykker S-Tier build, because my current Mundunugu build definitely isn’t getting me there. I’m in nearly-full ancient legendaries, and I’m definitely petering out at 100.

Is that something like this: Witch Doctor Spirit Barrage Build with the Mundunugu's Regalia set (Patch 2.7.5 / Season 28) - Diablo 3 - Icy Veins ?

I’m trying to get a sense of how high ‘high tier’ will take me. My own build is something like the energy twister build (also high tier), but I wondering if i need to switch to a ‘top-tier’ build now

Basically that’s my build. I have a couple of differences, but that’s more or less it.

I’m kind of dreading re-building completely with many less ancients, having to level up a bunch of different gems, etc. Maybe if I just augment a few of these pieces, I can keep rolling in my current build.

Heh, tal rasha meteor build is kinda like playing diablo: vampire survivors. I just like walk around and stuff blows up - i guess i hit 2/3 every 10 mins and once in a while, if something doesnt blow up fast enough, i click on it.

Then it blows up.

wow is it usually so hard to get the season pet?

Im struggling to do the Set Me Free challenge. Does the set that drops as part of the season not count?

Which class are you? The default sets that comes from the Journey doesn’t always have a corresponding dungeon. Pretty sure each class has 4 set dungeons, and yours may not be the gift sets this season.

Im a Monk

Yeah, looks like this season’s gift set is Patterns of Justice, which doesn’t have a dungeon. You’ll have to gather one of these: Set Dungeon | Diablo Wiki | Fandom

This is crazy. Players discovered that on console you can create a dh, delete it, create another dh and that dh’s 13th upgraded rare will always be a primal manticore


Rise and repeat 3 times and altar potions done

Tried it on switch, no luck

Playing in what could well be the last Season for Diablo III (don’t know what its fate will be when D4 launches), I’m quite enjoying my Hardcore Sorc. I’m pretty unimaginative, so I’m just going with a Firebird set and Disintegrating things. I’m going slow though, not as much time to put into it as I used to have, and am just slumming it so far in T4. I finally got my legendary gem that gives the regen and bubble to 25, which was cool, until I looked and saw my wife’s Witch Doctor has all of her gems at like 65 and has three times the Paragon levels I have. Of course, she’s rocking Torment XIII and GR 70 (also Hardcore), so she needs it.

I have always liked how the developers (after the missteps of the first year at least) just roll with this being a single-player game primarily and have no problems with you becoming an unstoppable death machine. Well, “unstoppable” in the sense that in normal play you can get to a point where only a rare convergence of elites and affixes will kill you. In Hardcore that same chance of insta-death looms a bit more ominously.

Which is why I still will not do those things where you use a petrified scream or whatever to open a portal to a timed endless dungeon of doom level. Did that once the first season they had it and lost a high level character, because it bugged out and didn’t end properly. Probably will try it once more at the end of the season maybe.

That will kill you permanently on hardcore if you fail (ie, it’s not like the set dungeons). I looked it up cause I was curious…

I’m currently paused on my seasonal journey: its been stormy here this past week (and probably next) and power outages are a stupid way to lose a hc character…but even before then, my progress has stalled out at GR80. I have all my gear, so the only thing i can do is spend some time and tune it, or hope for primals - i’ve only had two drop so far, and they were both kinda meh…

I think in all the time I’ve played D3, I’ve seen one primal maybe. Admittedly, I usually peter out around Paragon 450+ or so each season, too.