Diablo Immortal - Stay awhile and pay on your mobile

Developed by NetEase

Huh, looks fun, wonder how it’ll control on mobile.

Blizzard to DIablo fans - “Haha, fuck you.”

Guess it will make a boatload of cash though.

LOL - question from the audience, to applause - “How long has Diablo Immortal been in development and how is that affecting other Diablo projects?”

I haven’t not been disappointed by Blizzard in over 10 years, so they’re maintaining course, I guess. :)

It was developed by a Chinese shovelware mobile company, so I would assume no impact on a potential Diablo 4.

This is a mobile game developed on the quick using Diablo 3 assets. It might be good, don’t get me wrong. Depends on how they monetize it really.

“Any plans to bring this to PC?” “No.”

Crowd boos.

@Telefrog, I will forever be disappointed that you didn’t use the “All good demons go to… mobile” headline. :( MIssed opportunity!

This is brutal. The YouTube video is up to 34k dislikes and 1.4k likes.

Edit: And in the 2 minutes since I posted that, 36k dislikes!

This whole thing is completly tone deaf. How can you make such an announcement at Blizzcon and hype it up before? Are people at Blizzard nowadays really that out of touch with their own audience? And I’m saying this as someone who isn’t crazy about their games but these reactions are super predictable.

Man, that video was cold.

They actually deliberately killed the hype by telling people D4 was not going to be announced today. Still, everybody’s pissed.

They seem to have merely ported Diablo III over to the mobile space. Nothing to see here, imo, I have Diablo III already.

Not at all. Like I said earlier, it’s a Chinese mobile Diablo game using the D3 assets. It isn’t D3, like the Switch version just released.

Hey check it out, new diablo 4 website is up!


Remember when people didn’t set their expectations too high based on nothing, and game companies could just announce what they wanted without fan backlash?

Remember when game companies didn’t throw a convention to announce horseshit?

Check out the video in the OP when you get the chance. It’s definitely not a Diablo III port.

Or pay $50 to watch it?