Diablo Immortal - Stay awhile and pay on your mobile

Absolutely! You just need to spend a million dollars on IAP to be entered into the lottery for this prize!*

*odds of winning are 1 in a gazillion.

That does come across a bit creepy. I always assumed she was in her 20s playing a teenager like everybody on Beverly Hills 90210. I really should do the math before saying these things.

Send me JLH circa 1998 instead, if you would be so kind.


Oh shit, I’m so sorry. I misread that and sent you a 1998 JMJ instead. That’s what I get for manipulating spacetime before I’ve had my morning coffee.

Oh sweet Jesus no


The title has become one of the fastest video game IPs brought to mobile to hit the landmark, taking just eight weeks to reach the milestone. Analyzing other top franchises, Sensor Tower’s IP tags show that Pokémon GO from Niantic took approximately two weeks to reach the landmark figure, while the next fastest after Diablo Immortal, Fire Emblem Heroes from Nintendo, took 10 weeks.

Since its global release, Diablo Immortal has ranked as the No. 13 revenue generating mobile game worldwide.

Analysis does not include Chinese revenue. Mobile numbers only.

Good to know they’ll have learned their lesson for all future games!