Diablo Immortal - Stay awhile and play on my mobile


That’s actually one of the few ones I like to play as well while having to pass some time. Fucking jellyfishes…


I don’t know if you play board games at all, but the digital versions that are showing up on Steam and mobile are often cross-platform, single and multi-player and the recent generation actually pretty good. Perhaps if that is your thing too you might have a look at those too.


You are so wrong.


I like your argument.
Oh, wait, there was none.


So how many professional reviews have you done, and who has published them? Do you have any links to your work?


I don’t have to make an argument. The rebuttal is that you are wrong. You’re talking about evaluations of art with regards to texture consistency, quality, etc as if there is some objective standard. There isn’t.

In essence, it is an art critique as a professor would give to one of their students for a painting they made. Opinion has nothing to do with it.

Your own sentences contradict themselves. Art instructors aren’t judging anything by objective standards. It’s not a science. It’s frigging art.


On a different note, any thoughts on ethics in gaming journalism?


Another useless fallacy by you. What a surprise.
You do not need to play football professionally in order to criticize moves made on the field.
You do not need to be able to create beautiful landscape painting in order to criticize art.
And you do not need to write reviews for a living to criticize reviews.

Logical points stand on their own, without having to backed up by street cred.

When it comes to game development, I actually studied it (Game Design & 3D Programming) and am working as a programmer, so my forte is not surprisingly the technical aspects.

Well, I can understand you need to justify to yourself what you are doing and need to put up some walls for protection. Unfortunately, both art students and professors around the world would disagree with you.
Every piece of art can be, at least to a certain degree, objectively criticized.
I would urge you to read up on the nature of criticism, the pure (and btw. only very recent) thought that criticism can only be subjective is ridiculous.

Oh, so an art student’s painting in the style of realism can not be judged by the objective standards of how well that style was achieved? The student could’ve just drawn stick figures and it would have been just as well because “it’s frigging art! There are no standards!”.
Well, let me tell that to some art teachers I know that teach in game dev schools. I’ll make you personally responsible if they never talk to me again.


I’m just asking you if you’ve had anything published. I guess the answer is no. The rest of your rant is… expected.


Oh, please. Let’s not insult anyone’s intelligence by pretending your post had any other point other than trying to undermine my arguments by pointing out I’m not actually a professional reviewer, as if that was even relevant.


You realize you are on a site run by someone who does this professionally, right?


Yeah. So?
What, you expect me not to criticize that person because I’m on their site?
Pffft… If they don’t like me and being criticized by me, they can always ban me and be done with it. It would also show nicely how they react to people not sharing their views.
If I did do anything here that really violates any rules of conduct, be free to point me at that and I’ll try to do better, but short of that, I don’t see why I should change my position.

Or was that supposed to mean that because someone does something professionally, they must be good at it?
I don’t know if you have ever worked, but if you have, you will know that many people even earning money with what they do are catastrophically bad at it - not saying this is the case here, but the mere fact that someone does something for a living does not mean much.
The stories I could tell you of stuff I have seen other programmers cobble together… oohhhh booyyyy…


They haven’t asked you to stop posting or criticizing, neither have I. I just wanted to know if you are aware you are talking to professionals in the industry, not just people who review games as players, but several professionals and different types of professionals.

You may, of course, commence with your lectures.


Yeah, I do love me some Alto’s Adventure, though it’s yet another example of something I enjoy but only played a few minutes a day for a few weeks before forgetting about it. I wouldn’t mind playing some more of it, maybe if there was like a follow-up or some-

Wait, what!?
*Spends $5



If I may…


(I miss Sparky.)


That depends entirely on what section of the thread you are referring to. As I said before (not blaming you for having overlooked that, this thread is a mess), this is wild. I do enjoy it, though, maybe a bit too much.


Nice strawman, but no. If you tell a student to turn in a work in a particular style, you can criticize that work based on your standards, provide examples from history, teach techniques, etc. What you’re not going to be able to do is “objectively” judge it because they are your standards. They may conform to a widely held opinion among academics, but it’s not a science. It’s not no matter how much you’d like it to be.

Go to your art instructor friends and ask them for their objective review of any artwork. I eagerly await the result.


Can anyone recommend a good garbage sack? Is Hefty just the “defacto” garbage sack, or is there a better brand that’s much higher quality people like to use. Something that can actually, reliably hold liquids. Asking for a friend.


You mean like giant black garbage bags, or tall kitchen bags? For kitchen bags, the wirecutter’s suggestion of Glad bags hasn’t served me wrong. They hold water and don’t tear when you have like, pointy bits of cardboard, even when totally overfilled because you’re too lazy to take out the garbage until you can’t physically stuff another thing in there.

Command and Conquer (and Red Alert!) Remastered

That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for. My son has a big, plastic garbage can I line with a Hefty for him by his gaming area, because when there isn’t a big giant garbage can for him he just piles it up like a fucking raccoon. And as it is now, there is almost always pop and other liquids in there and like every other sack likes to leak, so I’ve been double-bagging which is a PITA.

I’ll give these a try. Thanks!