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It’s the little things in life that matter. Don’t you find it annoying when the kitchen garbage stinks? Don’t you hate the crappy pedal mechanism or (gasp) opening the lid with your hands like a caveman? The simplehuman just works.

It’s affordable luxury. You know that no matter how much money a person may have, they could even be a billionaire, or a prince, or whatever, they don’t have a better garbage can than you. Truly egalitarian.


What about a garbage can than also acts as a shredder, optimizing the space. Those have to be more expensive, right?

I won’t ask why we are discussing this. I accepted that everything is legit in this thread.




No, but keep trying. Broken clocks and all that.


Then you could try to explain to me what you actually meant.
Or we just leave it at that, you keep on producing reviews of little value and I keep on holding them in little value. And then we continue talking about trash.
It might be better for everyone.


Nah. I’m good. You’re one of those “objective reviews” people. I gave you more than enough room to wiggle, and you insist on the idea that any kind of objective art/media review can have value. Good luck with that.


People seems to get tired of this discussion,but I want to add one thing here:

Is relatively easy to draw realistic. Is only technique and practice. Any people without artist talen can learn to draw realistic.

You can measure the fidelity of the realism, but you would be measuring the tech, not the art.


What I really want is a garbage can that can be activated via Alexa and Google Home.

“Hey Google, open the trash”.

SimpleHuman does make one with voice commands but it isn’t wifi enabled, so I can’t setup IFTTT chains so that when my fridge notices I took a diet coke out over 30 minutes ago and then my wifi camera notices me walking towards the kitchen with an empty can of diet coke in my hand the garbage can automatically opens and says


Ideally in a lilting Irish accent.

I mean, that would be pretty cool.


Well, I mean, obviously.




*trying to fit in*

Why don’t windows recycle.bin have a separate box for executables and documents?

What type of barbaric OS is this that don’t separate trash?


True. Not very eco-friendly. If I didn’t separate my trash I’d get kicked out of my co-op so quick!


All I know is that people that buy discount garbage bags probably worship the Devil.

Someone got me some because I ran out once (worst “favor” ever). So they saved like a nickel per garbage bag for the low, low cost of potentially having fucking rotting garbage on the floor, my hands or potentially all down the stairs as I try to take it out when there is cat litter in it (because any weight over like 5 pound threatens to tear the bag and/or break the little handles).

Two things in life are never worth going cheap on imo: garbage bags and toilet paper.

With garbage bags the money you save is NEVER worth the risk of getting garbage fucking everywhere and having to clean it up. Ever. If you’re cleaning up half-rotted food and cat shit off the floor and then cleaning the floor… you’d pay $20 to not have to. If you’d paid like a buck or two more a month ago it would never have happened.

With toilet paper you get a miserable experience that requires using more paper so you don’t even really save money. If you by a 12 pack for $3 and have to use half a roll per visit, you were better off spending $10 on Charming Ultra-Strong, getting “24” rolls and each roll lasting a week or more.


Also, sushi.


And prostitutes.


Cheap food is a whole other thing, but no matter how poor you are, TP and garage bags are worth “splurging” for. You can choose not to buy gas station sushi, but you have to buy TP and garbage bags at some point.

I mean I guess if you live in the forest, wipe with leaves and just leave what refuse you have under a tree someplace you don’t, but you probably have bigger issues to worry about if that’s what’s going on than the price of things.


Did I ever tell you the story of my friend who pooped in the shower, rinsed his bunghole, then picked up the still warm poop in his hands and carried it to the toilet?

Moral to that story is TP is optional, if you’re a complete frickin’ psychopath.


An interesting perspective from the guy arguing against modus ponens.


Lawyer, accountant, IT person.


No, he’s actually an assistant professor, believe it or not.