Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

No, I pre-ordered and own Ultimate on PS5. So maybe the issue is with my email, because it did say I should pre-order even though I had already. Probably a battle.net thing where they know PC orders but not console?

Ah well, glad y’all figured it out.

Me neither. Hopefully I get one soon. I want that puppy.

Same and I preordered on the second weekend. I wish they would just indicate on the game page.

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Are console preorders all through retailers? I think all PC orders are all directly via Blizzard, so they know who all the PC people are.

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I ordered mine through the Playstation Store on the PS5, but that’s what I meant when I wondered if it’s related to battle.net. However, they do know I took part, and am on console, and that I had pre-ordered because that’s how I got to take part in both weekends and continue in the second weekend with info from the first.

I think it’s just a matter of marketing not having all the information. I suppose if we had a big enough sample we could figure out who was emailed and why, if anyone wanted to spend time compiling it all. Hopefully, no one will miss out if they really want the bonuses.

The bonus title, knowing how it’s used in game, is going to be pretty useless as practically every other word combo for the title is more interesting. It’s just the wolf pup that everyone is eager to have.

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Ah okay, I didn’t know about Blizz knowing about console preorders for the early access open weekend.

I’d definitely choose “Potential Rubbish” over the reward titles.

For those who are concerned about the rewards. You can open a support ticket and have them check if your account has it to be sure.

They could have fixed it easier by linking whatever they check to something that shows when you log into your battle.net account. A simple ‘thank you for playing the D4 beta, rewards have been confirmed’ would have worked. It’d probably be a lot less work coding that up than fielding support tickets on it.

It seems as if Fergusson is backing off his statement about it being more cost / time effective to roll up a new character rather than respec complete at high levels:

I have naively assumed that at high levels the respec fee is just a way to suck up your gold since it becomes pointless at some level eventually.

I like the sound of that compromise, especially if they let you buy skill point undos in any order, not just reverse from your leveling. That could let you sub out one maxed out skill for another late game, when a single point isn’t enough to get a feel.

A little bit of a review of endgame content in D4 here: Diablo IV | Into the Endgame - YouTube

Not sure how much of it is new, but something for everyone in the mix. The PvP stuff doesn’t appeal to me at all, but I do like how many different options there are to build in Paragon levels and item customization. It’s going to be easy to make very different characters, even with similar builds.

This is one of the problems with the anti-easy-respec argument. There is no “your” character if you recognize that there are other characters, at least not in terms of being unique amongst the millions of people playing the same ones. But besides that, the people who argue against respecs almost always fail to recognize that, restrictions or not, they’re able to choose what they want to do with their characters at any given moment. You can choose to NOT freely respec and still retain the meaningful choices you’ve made. Folks who want to change their builds but can’t (not to say, btw, that D4 is going that route), the choice is removed for them entirely.

Funny enough, as frictionless as D3 is with changing skills and builds almost literally whenever you like, I still have multiple characters of the classes based on what build they are. Granted, a lot of that is due to what ends up being a really stingy amount of inventory space, but still. Even though I can change skills at will, I still like having a Marauder Demon Hunter and a Shadow Impale Demon Hunter, etc. So what ends up defining the different characters in D3 is the gear and that might as well be the same as a really prohibitive respec system since getting the necessary items to make those builds work takes a decent amount of effort by itself.

Essentially, the gist of the pro-respec argument to me is that more choice is ALWAYS better. I have no problem with how anyone else decides to play their own character, but if I have to have fewer options because of it, that’s no bueno.

I don’t see “copying a build” being any kind of argument against respecs because so much of any build depends on gearing. Many of the ARPGs today are more about getting the right drops and the right affixes rather than the core character build.

Lol at those respec costs. If you don’t want to respec your character, don’t, but I’d really rather not waste limited gaming time on farming gold so that I can play the build I want to play

doesn’t seem like the direction they’re taking the game is the direction I want it to to, so will likely not pick it up

Getting lots of MMO grinding vibes

They’ve basically implemented mythic+ keystones in Diablo, which feels like a step backwards from d3’s approach

did they say anything about how you obtain the nightmare sigils themselves?

also this lines up pretty well with the unreddit post

Hopefully they’ll continue to update D2: Ressurrected, D3 and D4 going forward, so that people who have their own favorite flavor of Diablo can keep playing it.

For D3, Blizzard said they’re going to start repeating past seasons and will focus on D4 instead.

Repeating Seasons sounds like a good compromise to me, right? Who among us has actually played all 28 seasons or whatever of that game?

This is the weakest argument for respecs. The exact same argument applies to literally every game system.

Why shouldn’t I be able to design exactly the weapons I want for free? Having to work with the affixes I rolled or spend tons of gold to reroll one of them restricts my options for how to build my character.

Why shouldn’t I have access to all the dungeons right away without having to unlock them? That restricts my options for where I want to play.

Why shouldn’t I have access to the whole codex? Not having access to the codex restricts my options until I manage to get the parts I want.

Why shouldn’t the codex include every legendary power? Only getting the powers that drop and then only getting to imprint them once restricts my options.

Why shouldn’t I be able to get the sigils and glyphs and gems and potions I want without any cost? Not having access to a sigil because I have to do a bit of extra work to get it is giving me fewer options for how I play.

Paying gold to respec is exactly the same as all these systems: if you want something different than what you currently have, you do some work and you can have it. Until then, you make do with what you have. I get that people want some way to play around with a different build and see how it plays, but if you are going to respec so completely that cost would be an issue, why not just make a new character to play around with? You literally said you did that already.

The issue isn’t being unique, the issue is that if I can change my character into any other character at any time for free, then I haven’t actually made any choices.

All games boil down to designer-imposed restrictions on the player, otherwise you just have Minecraft creative mode, the challenge for the designer is what those restrictions should be and how difficult they should be to work around. Clearly Blizzard has painted themselves into a corner where some of their fanbase liked the limited respecs of the early games and some of their fans like the free respec of Diablo 3. I expect if Blizzard lifted one of the restrictions you called out, or even having different classes at all, in D4 then they’d create another no-win situation when D5 rolled around.