Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

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You could mute it a few weeks ago and it would work. And if muting Twitch doesn’t work, you can certainly mute the tab.


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I think you’ll find these comments come from us players who don’t have the spare time or inclination to watch six hours of twitch :) not that there’s anything wrong with that.

For all Twitch drops:

  • Make sure the browser tab is in the foreground
  • Do not mute the video feed’s volume. You can mute the browser tab instead.
  • Change the video quality to low to save bandwidth
  • Dragging the browser window offscreen such that the video is not visible is fine
  • Verify progress via the Inventory page.
  • There are Chrome extensions that will auto claim rewards for you. This is useful for multi tier rewards, which will stop progressing until you claim the current tier. This is the one I use.
  • Make sure your Twitch account is connected to whatever game you want rewards for.

edit: sorry pyperkub, i accidentally replied off your post.

on phone app u can actually shut the video and keep the audio only

How do I use Twitch with my phone screen off?

To disable the video stream and allow the audio to play with your phone’s screen off or the Twitch app in the background, press the settings button, then tap the “Audio Only” option, then “Apply.”

I think it’s a bit odd but both my kids aged 16 and 13 watch streamers play games whilst they are playing and the younger just watches them.

I go why don’t you play something but they just look at me like I’m the idiot so I leave them to it

There are times when I’d rather watch someone playing a game rather than play something myself. When I’m watching it’s often games I’m interested in but ones that I’m not interested in playing myself - for instance, I do enjoy seeing people play Dark Souls but I guarantee I’d hit the frustration wall early on in the game (that said, I did play Elden Ring for a while but I think the open-worldedness of it is what made it click for me).

I don’t typically watch people playing games I want to play or that I’m about to play because I’d rather have the experience firsthand.

So, far as I can tell, this is not a “play anywhere” Xbox game, meaning I can’t buy the Xbox version and then play on the my PC.

So my options are:

  • Buy the PC version on Blizzard, and with this assuming I can also play on my Mac
  • Buy the Xbox version and just play on the console, and not be able to access the game on my PC (but I’m assuming it’ll link to my battle.net account?)

— Alan

You can always stream from your PC to the console via moonlight. Works great on Xbox anyway. PC version has full controller support.

xbox app on pc has remote streaming to desktop as well. works pretty well imo

True dat, guess it could go both ways. I always prefer my PC because it’s faster and more flexible.

What’s the website for planning on your build offline? I know it was posted somewhere upthread, but my search is failing me.

Edit: Found it! @alcaras posted it above. Thank you Sir.

Thank you!

I’d rather they have other, more interactive ways, to get the goodies.

Helped me understand unstoppable, overpower and lucky hit:

That’s a very helpful video, thanks!

You bet

Blizz already not really understanding the nature of (paid or early access related) competitive advantage…

Or alternatively, they understand it well…