Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

Not a chance I would play hardcore at launch. Lot of Hc characters will die to exploits and bugs with a shared overworld.

F76 is rotting trash, but not because of that particular design decision.

I hope they bring back the attributes of Diablo 2. While annoying at times, I still fondly remember the moments when, after investing 5-10 levels worth of points into strength, you could finally use that enchanted sword/armor or whatever. Even better: after all those levels, that armor would still be better then what you could get from random drops…

In fact, I think I liked almost everything (other then the actual gameplay) from Diablo 2 better than 3. The fixed skillsets certainly caused me to start multiple characters, whereas in 3 I have never seen the need for that: one of each was more than sufficient.

I’ll probably buy and try 4 no matter what they do of course. But I hope it’s more like 2!

I saw the easy respeccing as a major strength of Diablo 3. If you wanted to play multiple barbarians or whatever their answer to that was seasons, something I was never interested in doing, but lots of people really enjoyed.

Since it was so easy to respec, whenever they buffed various skills you could just change over and try them out, after getting the required sets/legendaries from the various mechanisms they added to that.

I’m really happy with Diablo 3 2.0, and D4 should evolve its highly engaging design.

I get that, but for some of us, it completely killed the replayability.

I never got into seasons so I didn’t start any new characters from scratch either. I did join every major patch and play for a week or so with the new toys though. The power creep was delicious.

The real problem is that they made set bonuses too powerful, then they gave them away for free each season which means very quickly you have nothing else to do but grind for better versions of the same shit.

The Legacy of Dreams gem mitigated that somewhat, but it’s still a problem. I’m cautiously interested in the new systems they mentioned in the panel on rune words and other layers of progression along with sets being reduced in power for D4.

Not my point–I’m saying that no developer would want to be associated with Fallout '76 in any shape,.form, or fashion these days. It wasn’t a deep technical insight, just a (mildly) humorous observation.

Well if you want decent or cool looking armor… you’re going to have to buy it extra.

Here’s the two other classes they previewed:

These guys are kinda annoying but I like what I see. Particularly the druid.

Druid is cool for sure.

Druid is cool indeed. Sorceress not so much: looks like a lot of kiting is involved which I kinda hate. Except for when she turns into lightning: that sure does look like fun!

The Merinth boss seems very similar mechanically to POE’s Merveil. Barbarian looks boring, he seems to mainly do normal melee attacks with a special attack thrown in now and then. And the Sorceress spells don’t seem to have a “kick” to them, they don’t “feel” powerful. Druid looks good I guess.

I just don’t understand the logic of small icons for items, it’s a very odd choice considering the loot is the main drive of the game.

Well, I mean… he IS a barbarian. What did you expect him to do?

Heh. Yeah, I avoided the Barbarian for that reason in Diablo 2 for the longest time too. But despite being more boring than the other classes, in Hardcore he always lasted the longest. So once I started playing the Barbarian, it turned out that the class I had with the most characters ended up being Barbarians, because they were the only ones who survived. They did all die eventually in Hell difficulty of course, so even they weren’t invincible.

The little Undead kids from Act 3, in particular, were the Barbarian’s kryptonite.

These were the main reason I never bothered to play hardcore, just blatantly unfair.

Fetishes? They are little demons. I just assumed they were pygmies or something but I just googled it and demons they are. Now i think about it the entity type were demons rather than humans.

I didnt like any of the barb builds until I tried a Throwbarb. They worked other than the need to constantly repair/replenish ammo.

Yep, same here. Though I’m still holding out for a Paladin/Crusader.