Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

Live coverage here:

One of the better cutscenes Blizzard has ever produced. And that’s a high bar.

Isometric RPG, so rumor of a FPS was just trolling.

Yay, not a looter-shooter. Phew!

That really was a great scene. “It’s a gate.”

No Mac version?

Apparently not. Didn’t realize that was omitted till you mentioned it. But yeah, he said PC, PS4 and Xbone.

Which I assume means it’ll be out before next holiday.

That sure looked like Diablo 3 with less colour I guess.

Ugh, with Overwatch and Diablo IV missing Mac, there goes one of the Big Mac developers.

D3 with better graphics. That’s what I expected (and hoped) to see.

WINE is so good these days that it will certainly run on MacOS in some fashion, even if they don’t release a separate SKU, which they probably will.

As an aside, Wine has issues I believe with Catalina.

So you’re saying Catalina and wine don’t mix?

Horseback riding? Jumping off cliffs to slam enemies below? I like.

Still looks like Diablo 3, only better (character models look more detailed and cooler lighting effects). I’m not sure the art design looks THAT much different.

Yeah, I guess it ran 32bit. Gaming in VMs is becoming more viable every day also.

What? Don’t you guys have PCs?

Yah, Wine has a lot of 32 bit. Codeweavers are running up against a wall for their next version.

We have no info on release date or monetization model, right?

With Path Of Exile out there, Blizzard will really have to pull off something quite nice to get me interested.
Did play through D3, but found the classes so boring and the lack of commitment to builds off-putting.

I also wasn’t a big fan of the graphics, but games are about gameplay, not graphics, so it wasn’t too much of an issue.