Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

I saw the expansion on the Xbox dashboard and got freaked out that they wanted $54. But no, that’s the deluxe edition. It’s only $36 for Game Pass members, so not bad. About the same pricing as previous expansion packs for Diablo games IIRC.

After playing S4 I instantly bought the expansion.

I enjoy Helltides, at least in relatively small doses, but I don’t want to be doing the same thing all the time. And the sheer chaos of Helltides after a while gets wearing.

That’s actually why I like helltides, it doesn’t feel like the same thing all the time in my opinion. As opposed to dungeons, which I feel get very same-y after a very short while.

The thing is, it has an end. Once you’re all leveled up and have your glyphs leveled you don’t need to do either anymore. The real endgame is the pit, which is nigh identical to D3 greater rifts.

Note to self: game will only send 10 legendary items to your stash. I guess I need to portal back and forth after the blood maiden loot pinata frenzy in helltides. Does death have any impact on loot that hasn’t been picked up yet? I am still a bit squishy when it gets really crazy in WT4 with the blood maiden, and threat popping off. I probably left 30+ legendary items sitting there yesterday. I think that one was WT3 though, so not a huge loss other than the materials, and possibly a codex upgrade. I need to start running more nightmare dungeons and leveling up my glyphs, but farming that loot and iron wolf honor in the helltides has been entertaining.

Sure, but I’m just not playing enough for that to be a meaningful consideration. I’m going to have spent way more time getting to 100 than at 100, if I ever get there (85 at the moment). As it is, I don’t have a single glyph even at 15 yet.

If you pick up and then drop items on the ground they do not disappear unless you disconnect. Possibly also after a (very) long time, tho certainly much, much longer than if an item drops and you don’t interact with it. I usually use this trick to deal with the loot piñata without needing to portal back constantly, especially if there’s a good group on the go. I’d never leave a greater affix legendary on the ground.

Super duper pro tip: always contribute a heart when summoning the piñata, you get extra loot when she pops.

Yeah, I always try to get a heart in. It can be hard when there are a number of people, and the ground is covered in loot. I guess there probably is a setting I need to find where it only shows the loot if you hit alt or something, or filter it to just show legendary or better items.

When you say pick it up and drop, you mean pick it up into your inventory, and then drop it or just clicking it with inventory full, and it does the little hop/drop thing? It gets so crazy I don’t know if I could stop to actually sort through it while everything is going on. I guess early on in the event before the blood maiden pops I could probably do it. Once it gets crazy though it would be a bit dangerous to be standing there looking at the loot. Even without doing that I’ve been ending up with an inventory+ full of legendaries and goblin bags. I try to pop the manuals as soon as there is a somewhat quiet moment to make more room.

I did one of those summoning things last night with a group of other random players and I lost a ton of loot too. My inventory was full but the other players just kept summoning, and I didn’t want to bail out and sell stuff because I was getting crazy good experience and I didn’t want to stop! But I knew I was going to lose some good gear too, which I did. I figured that was the lesser evil though, so much gear in this game.

Isn’t that what these games always boil down to?

No, you need to navigate through dungeons and do the usual annoying D4 dungeon thing of collecting various bear asses from opposing wings off to the side to open a door. Sometimes twice. Also you’re typically solo so you can’t hang out near a boss spawn point and occasionally pick up loot.

I meant the game in general. Mindlessly murdering is what it’s about, even if there’s an occasional thingie you need to pick up.

You need to fully pick it up into your inventory so it gets ‘identified’, then drop it. If you’re seeing the generic ‘Ancient Pants’ name instead of ‘Ancient Pants of the Moonmaiden’ (etc) moniker, they’re liable to disappear.

Usually I just run a screen away from the summoning zone at the start of the encounter to shed my loot so it doesn’t get in the way. The only real threat is the boss and she takes a couple of mins to show up.

If they’re done right, right Stusser? :)

At launch, the game was much harder. I died quite a few times going through the campaign. Every time you leveled up, it was a reason for worry because all the enemies got stronger, so if you didn’t put points into something that helped you kill better, you were making yourself relatively weaker compared to the enemy.

Sure the game’s only verb is kill. There’s lots of extraneous BS in nightmare dungeons which imposes a cognitive load you won’t find in helltides where you just hang out around the boss area and mow the lawn when mobsters spawn.

Something that has started to confuse me is the x% damage increase that I can temper. Is x% damage applied to all damage no matter how it is done?

Why this is important is that my Storm druid also has available the choice of tempering on x% increase in, say Lightning Storm only. If tempering damage alone applies to everything, it might be a better choice vs single skill.

I’ve been thinking it applies to all damage but started second guessing myself once I was tempering ancestral items. Too many choices.

As an aside, the power jump from sacred to ancestral items is insane and requires a lot of time managing the early switch of your sacred gear to better stuff when you move from T3 to T4. I wish there was a more gradual pace for this as I’m spending an awful lot of time imprinting new powers and tempering and the choice is daunting.

Yes it’s all damage.

Transitioning to ancestral gear was trivial, I just did it. Made it to wt4 at level 55 then did helltide bosses for tons of legos. Tempering is essentially free and imprinting reasonably priced with whispers giving like 5M gold. Now I’m replacing those initial ancestrals with 925s.

Remember I basically quit the game at release over this, my build was too weak and I had no way to respec. Now it’s easy.

They really did fix the game.

Yeah I think the transition from sacred to ancestral gear is much easier than it was when I initially played a year ago. You can just tag along with a world boss or open world event others are doing and scoop up the gear that pops out, you don’t have to do the underpowered bop into a nightmare dungeon by yourself.

Also I think the world boss always drops 925 gear. Got a couple pieces there yesterday at like level 60.