Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

Huh, it never occurred to me that you could control the game with WASD. Of course you do what works for you, but that would be a distant third from me behind controller and mouse.

Anyway, up to my fifth, and presumably last of the season, character, the sorcerer. And they’re fun, though mine feels underpowered at the moment. Which seems nor mal to me when I’ve moved up to world tier 3 (I’m level 60) and you have to get all new equipment and all that. I’m sure I’ll be on the right side of the power curve before too long.

I played the first three Diablos on the PC with keyboard/mouse, but then also bought D3 for the PS4 and it was an entirely different, and so much better, experience using the controller. Strangely, the limited options during play just fit so well with the controller scheme that, once I learned it, I didn’t look back. Now playing D4 on the PS5.

If I ever thought to play on the PC again, I’d play with a controller.

Apparently it was only added in Season 3 (so Jan/Feb?). But sounds like I really need to give controller a serious try. I’m not hardcore/good enough to need extreme precision.

For me, it’s less about precision in combat and more about the loot management being significantly more tedious with a gamepad.

Hey @Kadath and @Ephraim, are you guys doing any more Duriel runs these days? No big deal if you aren’t, just thought I’d ask because I was looking for some specific gear for my druid and I think it may only drop with the higher difficulty bosses.

Agreed. I spent a few hours with it yesterday on gamepad, and while I see the appeal I couldn’t find an advantage for myself personally as I’m at my desk regardless while playing. Controller had no glaring issues though, and moving basic/core skills to R2/L2 vs. the default buttons was a killer revelation. But I’m truly an old dog now that can’t learn new tricks easily. WASD is on the brain, firmly rooted.

I don’t have materials but if you have a stack either of us can solo for you more than likely. Im on travel til Thursday but could help Friday night or over the weekend

I’m not sure if I do, do you know what materials are required off the top of your head? If I don’t have them, then I can use the time until you’re available to collect them.

edit: ok google tells me it requires 2 mucus eggs and 2 shards of agony, think I have some of both. I’ll see about getting more.

I have a bunch of materials, I think. I’ve just been doing some end-of-season casual play, and I’ve managed to push to Pit Level 121. I’ve picked up a lot of Stygian Stones by doing the Pit, so if you want to do Tormented versions of bosses, I’m up for it.

I should be online tomorrow and Thursday. I have plans tonight and will be travelling for a week from this Friday to next.

Speaking of the Pit, I did one with my druid and thought it behaved a lot like D3’s Adventure mode and Torment levels. Is that essentially the idea?

My HC sorc is now at 81 and I’m looking to what I want to do if/once I hit 100, start over with another new character or play some end game stuff that usually doesn’t grab me.

As far as I can tell, the pit is effectively identical to greater rifts in D3. You run through randomized maps of escalating difficulty killing random monsters with no loot filling a bar with a timer until a boss spawns at the end and you get your ph4t loot.

Oh man, that sounds skippable. I used to do that sort of grind in D3 but it was forgettable, obviously. Not my thing, thanks!

Yeah, it seems to pretty much be greater rifts. That other thing isn’t much different either. Just run around and kill shit until that timer runs out and see if you are worthy, yes? I guess it has the added thing of trying to climb the weekly leaderboard, but if you aren’t into that then it is just hit worthy and get your rewards each week.

It’s a horde mode, yes.

In the meantime the new last epoch season started today. They added a dodge roll and expanded the endgame a ton. Best part? All the new cycle stuff is on the legacy server too. You don’t have to start over from scratch.

No fair talking up D4 and then switching games mid-thread! Summer sale money already spent!

We’re in the end of a D4 season while LE’s is just starting!

I use the Pit as a zen-like exercise in monster killing. I generally choose a level where I can complete it in about 3 minutes and yet maximizes the Masterwork material drop. This is currently level 101 for me. I run it 4 times in a row, the approximate duration of one Holy Bolt potion. I don’t use any incense or second potion in this speed farm.

So you don’t do the Pit for loot, that’s what the Helltide egg lady demon is for. You do Pit for Masterworking materials and to challenge yourself on occasion by seeing if your improved build can push higher.

You needn’t worry. LE was fine but the shine wears off faster compared to other games in the genre, and D4 is big enough that it can occupy you if you aren’t drawn away. If it wasn’t for the occasional mention here, I’d probably forget about LE, even though I liked what I played.

I think Grim Dawn was a more enjoyable experience than LE, despite LE being newer and shinier, and I would recommend GD if you really wanted to move off the new improved D4.

Is there an update on runs? I won’t be available until 9est tonight sorry!