Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

Hopefully it was a bug, yep. Barring the developers telling us, we have no way to tell.

I too never saw this, so it’s likely a bug. Hopefully.

Think it’s very much intended, it’s trying to Lost Ark and that’s what Lost Ark did - constantly spawning mobs in very specific locations, whether you were standing there or not. I think you’re instanced off right at the start until you reach the big town so it doesn’t happen before then, though. Afterwards it happened to me constantly; definitely a feature and not a bug.

The biggest change in D3 was the addition of rifts. Diablo never had a remotely engaging endgame for me but that changed entirely with that addition. I really hope we’re not back to just going through campaign content over and over in D4 (impossible to say from the beta). I’ll want to do it once, maybe twice, then never again. Not even if I make new characters.

I’m not so sure. Because other players in this MMO-lite version of Diablo may be in the area and on different quests, they may need those mobs to respawn or else they can’t complete it. I did a quest that was to collect something like 15 goblin hearts. If 4 or 5 other players on my server (or shard/instance?) killed those goblins and just sat there, how would I be able to complete the quest unless they respawned regardless of whether those players were still in the area? Ditto for any named mob objective.

The only thing that may be off at this point is the interval on respawns, but if players are going to be thrown in together even if they aren’t grouped, I don’t know how they make sure people can complete quests without some amount of respawns.

Yeah, it’ll be nice if the Adventure Mode lesson doesn’t have to be learned again.

As I HRose’d far upthread, this was a stress test, not a beta.

Rod Fergusson: What I love about the Butcher is that most of the stories around the Butcher are, “I didn’t know that existed, I was surprised, it killed me. What the hell?” And then, “I played a bunch more, I got stronger; when he showed up, I had my vengeance.” That overcoming, that showing of mastery, is a really cool kind of arc within an arc.

As a hardcore player, this narrative arc scares me.

Isn’t that the appeal of Hardcore, though? Scary situations, a real cost to dying. But next time through you’re armed with more knowledge on what to expect.

That’s how I always approached hardcore anyway, but I swore off it for this genre around the time Path of Exile launched.

Yep. Being scared is good. As long as I can learn from it and survive next time somehow. Something I never managed in Path of Exile either.

So is this the reaction to that quote a good scare? “Ooo, this is going to be scary, can’t wait!” or “Oh no, I’m scared about the direction they’ve taken with the game”? I read it as the latter. :)

Honestly, I don’t know yet, which one it is. I’m hoping it’s the first! :)

The Butcher seems like a troll to hardcore players to me.

That explains the occasional respawns in the dungeons. I only noticed these a few times, and they were very small groups. I thought maybe I just missed clearing some mobs out on my first pass through the area.

Thanks for the article.

I know that Qt3 seems to have jumped into Last Epoch in Early Access already, but that game is going to come out after the June release date of Diablo 4, right? For those of us who don’t play Early Access games, I mean.

That sucks.

They haven’t announced a firm date yet. I can’t imagine it will launch before June.

Yeah, I can’t imagine any scenario where LE launches prior to June. They just barely launched their MP beta and still have 3 of the 15 Mastery classes left to implement.

Amazon/archer is always the last class I play. Every Diablo since 1996. I just think the zoomed in view sucks for that class. Enemies rush in. Melee all the way, or Magic AoE.

Interestingly, I’m playing a super fun Amazon melee build with Charged Strike and lots of lightning effects, plus I can summon a Valkyrie! I’ve never really played Amazon before honestly, but this has been one of my favorite characters in Diablo 2 so far.