Diablo IV - A Return To Darkness

Really wish they were selling it for ~$25 instead of $40, I’d give it a try and go druid or necro.

It goes on sale regularly on each platform. For example Battle net on PC had it for $13 from Feb 14 to Feb 27 according to gg deals.

Yes. It will be late in the year.

Confused about which game you’re referring to, but if it’s Diablo IV, you probably know you can play for free this weekend and can try Necro and/or Druid (though from what I read here and elsewhere, you don’t get some of the cool Druid abilities since they don’t come into play until after you hit level 25).

Incidentally, if you were not involved in last weekend’s beta, the download for Diablo IV for this weekend is supposed to be available today, March 22, starting at 9 AM PDT.

He’s talking about Diablo 2 Resurrected, which Scott posted a screenshot of in the post right above his.

Someone’s talking about a different game than the game mentioned in the title of the thread? I am outraged!!

It helps to know John already pre-ordered Diablo IV after complaining that it’s too expensive.

Is there any reason to play this weekend as far as unlocks for the real game or just the same 3 things for getting up to level 20 from the closed beta?

Lasting rewards are the same, you just get to try out the two additional classes. I don’t plan to play more than necessary now because all progress will be lost.

Not specifically, but I for one and interested in checking out the Druid and Necromancer. I’m 99% sure I’m going to roll a Sorcerer at launch, I usually do in these kinds of games, but I’m going to put a bit more time into Rogue and Barbarian and also dabble in Druid and Necromancer, respecing and checking out early game skills with each. Also I’ll have my nice OLED Ultrawide by then, so I can see how Diablo 4 looks on that.

Thanks, I’m the same as you. This is all going to get wiped and I know I’ll end up getting this at launch anyway so no reason to play now. I can try out the new classes in June.

I am done until June as well. I don’t want to get invested in something that will get wiped.

I’m still interested for two reasons:

  1. The frame rate dipped horribly for me in the first beta a lot. I want to see if that has improved this time.
  2. I want to try it on Xbox this time to see if the horrible frame rate is a problem on there as well.

If it’s just a polishing issue, then I can get this on PC first in June, but if it’s my PC that’s causing the issues somehow, and it’s smooth on Xbox, then I’ll get it on Xbox first in June.

Yea, I want to try it out on PS5, and Druid/Necro I have more interest in. I might not feel the need to reach level 25 this time, and I’m also avoiding the story at this point. Leveling came much easier each new character, so shouldn’t take long to get the vibe each class is offering.

Yeah, I had some pretty substantial stuttering too. Not sure if it’s shader compilations or what, but my home PC is vastly more powerful than even the recommended requirements for the game so it absolutely should not happen.

I too had weird visual stuttering in some parts, I wondered if it was due to server load though, because I felt like it got better as the weekend went on, and maybe server load was down? Most of my issues were in the big cities with lots of players.

It “felt” like server load but there was something else going on. I was playing with two friends (locally, on the same network connection) and I was stuttering like mad while they had the occasional issue but were mostly fine. I had very similar hardware to one and quite a bit more powerful machine than the other, so not sure what the deal was exactly. Hopefully it’s all ironed out by release.

The visual stuttering was probably due to the memory leak. D4 was gobbling up all your RAM. On my 32GB system it hit 19GB. Some dude on Reddit with 64GB said it hit 36GB. I had tons of stuttering, even in the cutscene in the church.

Turning down the textures from High to Medium literally halves D4s memory consumption. Once I did this, all the stuttering stopped.

fwiw it was smooth as silk on Series X