Diana Rigg RIP

As I’m sure everyone here would like to know, she was my first erection. Of course, she looked a little different back then.

2020 keeps on giving. RIP my first love…

The woman with enough fire and beauty to get even James Bond to get married.


She was on fire in her final performance.


I loved her in the The Avengers!

Mrs. Peel, you’re needed. (sigh)

Always was a fan of Mrs. Peel.

Another (highly stimulating) piece of my childhood gone :(

Oh no. She was gorgeous in the '60s and still doing interesting stuff so recently. Her Oleanna rivaled Tyrion for the title of ‘smartest person in Westeros.’

A great actress. Very much too bad.

RIP, Mrs. Peel.

The first thing I actually saw her in (The Avengers being just a poorly-syndicated rumor when I was growing up in the US) was 1973’s Theater of Blood, a wonderfully over the top horror thriller with a stellar cast (Vincent Price, Robert Morely, Michael Hordern, and a long list of other British character actors) about gruesome Shakespeare-themed murders.

I forgot she was in Theater of Blood. A great, great movie

Such a bummer. Loved The Avengers as a kid, and she elevated the heck out of every scene that she appeared in GoT.

Also, did you know that Jewel Staite (from Firefly) is a Diana Rigg doppelganger? It’s a bit uncanny.