Diary of a Frop Bog 2020 - apocalypse edition

Thought I might do a diary kind of thing this spring & summer as a hopefully fun and positive counterpoint to the terrifying Covid-19 Virus.

I was super happy today as the first frog emerged from hibernation. Some of the fish came to the surface as well. I am not allowed to go in my backyard from the surgery yet, so the pictures aren’t the best as they were taken through a window. But here we go.

First frog sets foot in the moon!

First fishes come to the surface of waterworld Europa!

Everything is still a disaster, looking a bit like Tunguska back there. Not being able to prep for winter last fall means a lot of work, but more importantly my pretty picture capabilities are greatly diminished lol.

Nice! What do you name the first frog you see (for the year)?

I confess… I had no idea the fishes went to the bottom in Winter. Makes perfect sense now that I think about it.

That frog looks quite fatty after emerging from her long slumber too. So much stuff I ignore!

That was my thought as well. They are often quite bloated which disappears a few days after they’ve been up, then they look way too skinny.

This makes me so happy Jeff, thanks!

I wish I could ride my bike over and do some gardening for you.


I think that is a pretty good picture even if it was not coming through a window

I wonder if they super-hydrate themselves before hibernating, and he/she just hasn’t lost that water fat yet.

Christien Dingus

Great to see the bop coming to life! If you need someone to do unskilled labor just shoot me a text. We don’t even have to break quarantine, you can just yell instructions to me out the window. :)

03-28 / 03/31

I have ducks.
I don’t want ducks.
Ducks poop a lot.
Ducks bring parasites and other pathogens.
Ducks sometimes eat frogs.
Ducks seem to know I’m partially disabled at the moment.
Ducks figuring out I can’t leave deck.
Ducks getting too lazy to even pretend to fly next door.
Ducks are laughing at me.

Anyone have a duck eating shark I can borrow?
Ducks won’t be laughing then.

(they are cute)

That’s a couple, so they are likely looking at your place for nesting. If you do nothing, you will have lots of baby ducks around soon.

This is the only good thing about 2020 so far.

Get a ZSU-23-4, thats going to teach 'em!

Begun the duck war has.

Surely a Warthog would be more appropriate?

I am loving this thread, @jpinard! And all of a sudden I HATE ducks!

And they come back every year. They will not give up a previous nesting site.

Could you try to play loudly some dog barks? Dunno if it’d work, but ducks hated dogs in Japan.

Good idea! If I can get my muscles to work to set it up I will try that.