Dice 2010

Anyone going to be there?

Only DICE thread I could find, so I guess I’ll put these here. Videos of many of the presentations at DICE. I don’t mean to self-pimp, but as I understand it we’re the only ones who have these, and I figure there are a good number of people at Qt3 who might want to see them.

Alan Wake presentation

Bobby Kotick Keynote

Disney presentation

Steve Pearlman (OnLive) presentation

More will be going up over the course of the day. If anyone’s interested/cares/Tom doesn’t get mad, I’ll put them up, too.

I’m glad G4 is posting these. I’ve watched the Naughty Dog and Alan Wake presentations so far.

You can find everything at the hub page: http://g4tv.com/dice2010

I highly recommend the Hot Topics sessions, especially the one with David Crane and Dave Jaffe.