Dice Legacy

Comes out tomorrow (9/9) as a full release. Axes & Acres as a roguelite city builder/colony management thingy?

Please, sir, may I have another?

Early reviews are very positive. I’d trade my sister to Al Quaeda for some Tomsplaining on this one.

I’m definitely interested. It looks like the best legacy, dice, worker placement, Frost Punk, city management, survival, board game but never was a board game released ever (since there never has been one).

Yeah this is high on my want list.

Looks interesting! However, from a cursory glance, the visuals look busy and low-information (an awful lot of scrolling and zooming, when all the info really could/should be on a single screen, a la Braingoodgames)

A lot of work went in to trying to distract the player from the fact the game is about a handful of dice.

I don’t love that instinct, I see it from time to time.

No idea it was coming out so soon. Yay!

Just spent a few minutes watching SplatterCat play. He’s pretty good with the explanations.

Looks very interesting, but I am concerned about the continuous time element. That invariably dents my enjoyment of a game.

What is “continuous time”? Is it different than “real time”? Aren’t all city-builders real-time?

The game is real time dice placement with pause, normal, and fast time functions. Actions cannot be taken (dice placed) while paused. Thus you can pause at will to reflect, but time has to be rolling before you can interact with the game state.

Gotcha, thanks. I don’t think that would bother me.

DICE Legacy

I see what you did there.


It’s live on the Switch eShop. I might go that way for the portable and/or bedtime game element* as this could be a fun little suspend/wake-up time eater.

I believe Steam goes live in 40 minutes (6pm CEST).

(*) = Bedtime game is when a mommy die and a daddy die go to a house away from the other villagers. Then, 60 seconds later, a new baby die pops out and is ready for child labor. As most governors know, this is best done before you send either the mommy or daddy dice out into the winter cold to croak because there is not enough food, they are too old, or you just reaaaaly need that one extra iron.

Ooh, only $20 on Switch. I wonder if it’ll be the same on Steam!

It will

Does a giant pause menu pop up when you pause? Can you examine every piece of information in the game while paused, scroll around the map, dive into sub-screens, etc.?

The fact that there’s no active pause means I’m definitely not buying anyway, I’m just curious.

PC Gamer:

“Most unusually, your dice aren’t just dice, they’re your citizens.”

lol most unusually

I have only watched videos so far, but the time controls are like a VCR [age exposure detected!]. It’s not like you are calling up a giant game menu to pause or something. You just hit the relevant button (or hot key) to pause, play, or fast forward. You can scroll and look around all you like. You just can’t drop a die or resource into a slot while paused.

Keep in mind all actions have a timer to resolve. It’s not terribly frantic. When you drop a villager into a forest to get wood, a circle timer counts down until they are done. Most villager actions seem to take 30 seconds to a minute to resolve. You have a max of 16 dice and have to work to maintain that (assuming the scenario lets you). Outside of initial learning (“how do I unfreeze this villager”, “how do I fight”, “what is a citizen vs. a peasant”, etc.), I don’t expect the game to feel fast. Really, most of your dice maintenance is about maximizing roll results as re-rolling makes them hungry (food and everything else has limited quantities and requires specific rolls to harvest). It’s not as must about placing as much as you can in the shortest amount of time.

Also, there is an auto fill hot key. You could theoretically play Dice Legacy as a nearly turn based game if you wanted to by pausing, decide, unpause, auto fill resource site, pause again, repeat. I suspect there would be a LOT of waiting if you played it that way though.

Edit: besides the dice placement, it is a city builder and survival game too. Where you place which building will be relevant. This is most critical based on the district hub/ specialization effects and the winter warmer towers. Pause and plan to your hearts content.

Out now. No sales, as far as I can find (oddly isthereanydeal.com never heard of it) but available through Steam, GOG, and Epic.

May as well get it from Steam since theirs is the most liberal return policy.

I have never had a problem returning a game to Epic. They seem to be equal to Steam. Did you have a different experience?

Last time I checked out their refund policy, they were only refunding games that hadn’t been installed yet. Has that changed?