Dickey on "American pride"

Finally, a “we told you so re: Iraq” article that actually provides honest food for thought.

I disagree with much of what Dickey concludes here, but his observations about “American pride” are very interesting, and add something quite valuable to the evolving debate.

I’m going to start giving penalty points to everyone who mentions Orwell.

Because the bitterest contradiction of all may be that this war was waged—first and foremost—to save face after the humiliation and suffering of September 11. It was meant to inspire awe in the Arab and Muslim world, as former CIA operative Marc Reuel Gerecht and others insisted it should be. And in that it truly has failed. Every day we look weaker. And the worst news of all it that it’s not because of what was done to us by our enemies but because of what we’ve done to ourselves.

So who’s fault is it that we “look weaker”?. The Bush administration, for starting the war, or the press, for doing all this negative (accurate or not) reporting?

I pick Bush.

I’ll start giving penalties everytime someone blames Bush for anything that’s wrong with the country. Oh, wait — I already do!!