Did anyone else think about hanging themselves while installing the FFXI Beta?

I would never consider suicide but the 1 hour install of the FFXI beta for the Xbox 360 sure gave me a lot of time to contemplate my options. Thankfully, I had the 15 minutes of pre-registration to get me ready for the main event. The 15 minutes of post-registration was almost a welcome sight after watching that progress bar for so long (only 57 minutes to go!).

The best part about the time I invested today is that I never actually got a chance to play the game. Come to think of it, I’m not really certain I’ve completed the installation quite yet.

I remember the installation of this game on the PS2. I thought the game came pre-installed on that hard drive. But it took over 2 hours BEFORE downloading the updates. I guess all the power of the 360 hasn’t changed the game much. I’ll pass on this one.

It seems they do not convert at all their dataset between the various ports (which explain the 6GB of data for a game with lots of repetition and low res textures). Probably to spare time.

Recently I patched the PC version and downloaded more than 500Mb of stuff.

Then I tried to zip it and I got an archive around 150Mb.

This is how they waste their bandwidth and your time.

Yeah, setup takes forever. Once it’s over, all is well. I knew it would be lengthy and take up an entire night so I planned for that. I watched the Flyers game while it went through all the gyration and downloading and whatnot.

I didn’t expect the lengthy installation but I had a backup plan. I rocked to Guitar Hero and took a peek at the progress bar between my attempts at Bark at the Moon.

Sounds a little like Steam.

I missed the part where he was ready to play in under 10 minutes.

– Xaroc

He did bitch about it just like he bitched about Steam though.

Okay, maybe not so much Steam, but it took me an hour or so to get Half Life 2 installed and I think others had the same problem.

You talking about Dave? IIRC, he didn’t just bitch about Steam, he boycotted it.

Are you guys talking about me?

I bitched about PlayOnline before. It sucks. The only thing that made it tolerable this time was already knowing ahead of time how much it sucks and how long it would take.

I’ve bitched about Steam, and as Shadari says, I outright boycotted it. Still never have installed it at all, only seen it elsewhere.