Did anyone pickup Battle Fantasia?

This one’s release date kind of snuck up on me. 360 only though, no English PS3 port in sight.


I’d never heard of it, so no. I’ll give it a rental now, though. As soon as I get over my crippling WAR addiction.

Kind of like Atlus releases, these kind of Japanese translations often won’t be available for rental since their distribution seems to be in small numbers. The big chains don’t seem to carry it for sale (since it’s not Halo/Madden/GTA/Sims/Mario) and EB/GameStop only stock enough (if they bother at all) for preorders.

Do report back on if/where you do get it for rental.

Anyone know where to get a good reasonably-priced 360 arcade stick and a PS3 arcade stick?

Gamefly is what I use to rent everything console. The only thing they’ve ever not had when I checked were store-exclusives like Chibi Robo: Park Patrol for DS. And sure enough, they have Battle Fantasia.

This is not to say they necessarily have many copies.

I was at the Gamestop on Saturday night looking for it and they didn’t get any beyond the pre-orders. I’m just so tired of that bull. Not everyone has the time or inclination to pre-order their games.

I’ll be picking this up, though. Will report back when I do.

Game is pretty mediocre, it looks awful as it’s the port of a low-budget Taito Type X2 game and the fighting itself seems pretty shallow. Just wait for Street Fighter IV and pass this one.

I played the demo (I have a PS3) ,and is not that great.
PS3 has a worrying lack of 2D Fighting games, hurry up KOF XII !!.

Sorry for my english

I’d buy it if it were allocated to an actual retail outlet.

Huh. I thought it was a beat-em-up/RPG, but if it’s actually a fighting game (and it sounds like it is), screw it. I never play those anyway. (Own a few. Just don’t play them, I’ve found.)

No, I don’t know why I thought that.

I got it. I like it so far, but it’s nowhere near as deep as, say, Guilty Gear. It’s very pretty, certainly.

Yes, it is a fighting game, so don’t bother if you don’t really play those. :)